I think my decision on what I want to do for the project is pretty much final. As of now, I think the three story ideas are very possible to do.

The first story that I want to do is the one about Auguste Soesastro. I have done a telephone-interview with him and I have been contacting him through Facebook. On May 28, 2009, I will go to New York City to see him. My plan, though, is to take pictures of him, his workplace and designs.

For the story about Indonesian Cultural Club, I have talked with one of its members. She is a friend of mine in Delaware. However, she has very little knowledge about the club. So, after I am finished collecting data for the first story, I would like to contact the president of the club and set up a date for an interview.

I think the third story will be harder to do because I do not have any contacts of anyone in the area. I will, however, call the restaurant in the next two weeks to find the appropriate interviewees for the project. My problem with this story is how can I make this story interesting and not just about a restaurant in Philadelphia? What should I include in the story that makes it different?

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