For the semester project, I have shared an idea with professor Lieb during the break. As an international student from Indonesia, I would like to focus my project on Indonesian immigrants, who are active in introducing some kind of Indonesian traditions, that promote their culture among themselves and others in the United States. These are my three story ideas:

1)      Indonesian Fashion Designer

On Feb. 20, 2009, a young Indonesian designer, Auguste Soesastro, had his first runway show. I think it will be interesting to write a story on Auguste and his works because he can be one of the few designers in New York City who promote a particular tradition in their designs. Auguste is approachable because I have his telephone number and Facebook contact already. I also travel to New York City rather often. Therefore, doing an interview and taking some pictures are possible to do.

2)      Indonesian Cultural Club

Some Indonesians, who have resided in the United States for a long time, have little chance to enjoy their own culture. Therefore, some Indonesians in Delaware created Indonesian Cultural Club and decided to teach its members how to perform traditional dance. I think this club will be a good story because it does not only accept Indonesians for membership but also people from different cultural backgrounds.

3)      Indonesian Restaurant (Waroeng Surabaya)

Talking about a tradition is not complete without talking about traditional cuisine. That is why I have the idea to write a story on this small restaurant called Waroeng Surabaya. Located in Philadelphia, this place is one of a few Indonesian restaurants in the United States. In fact, many Indonesians, who miss Indonesian food, drive to this restaurant for a little taste from home.

Please leave any comments or suggestions.

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