Last spring, I took a class called The Evolution of American Mass Media. From that class, I learned the power of image in mass media. Image can be a very powerful tool in storytelling. I think that point is related to multimedia these days. During the Vietnam War, the most sophisticated form of news was television news. With Internet these days, one can upload images, sounds, videos and links in one multimedia package.

I agree that multimedia story increases reader understanding. I think it is because multimedia story is more interactive and emotional. Therefore, readers are not easily bored. The readers would want to know more, if the presentation was interesting. Here are my comments on some of the interesting stuff:

I have to say that the black and white pictures make the presentation more serious and dark. Adding to that, the focus of the story is not about the war but about the people involved in the war. Therefore, images of wounded soldiers make the story very touching because people can witness the impact of the war on the soldiers.

The sound of a helicopter and steps of the soldiers are important too. As viewers watch the story, the natural sound can make them feel like they are there. Therefore, the story will not merely be about other people’s experience, but viewers could also experience it from where they are.

When we write a story, quotes make the story more appealing and believable. In this particular multimedia story, the video interview makes the story more believable because the soldiers experienced the war first-hand.

Even though the links lead viewers to written information, those links are still interactive because viewers can choose the information they want to know more.

However, despite all the positive things about multimedia story, written story is not that lame. As a big fan of Wikipedia, I should say written story gives more details. In case of history, written story can provide clearer names and more important dates. I guess that’s the reason why most history books are thick. So, in this case, emotion is the one important thing that is missing from the written story.



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