So, I visited Auguste today for a little bit. I took some pictures of his sketches and his workplace. It is interesting how he is able to create a small workplace inside his one bedroom apartment. When I got there he showed me around and we talked a little bit about his team.

He told me that he works with four sewers, one pattern-maker and one intern. Usually, he and his intern make patterns every Tuesday and Friday. One of his sewer works inside his apartment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. His pattern-maker and his three other sewers work at a different place. He mentioned that his specialty is making pattern for jackets, while his pattern-maker’s specialty is making pattern for dresses.

Unfortunately, no one is coming today. They all have a day-off. So, I couldn’t take pictures of them working. He said he will send me some pictures of him fitting his models just in case I want some extra pictures.

Auguste is now working on his spring collection. He will have another fashion show in September. However, I can only talk about his fall collection because he doesn’t want people to know about the spring collection yet. I, however, got the chance to look at one of the spring design.

It was a short meeting because he has to go some places else. He told me that further questions can be asked on the phone or through e-mail.

Now, I’m going to check out some stores. Have a good weekend.

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