So, today I found a blog called Republik Batik. It was a good one for my research because that blog has some articles on Batik. For those of you who do not know anything about Batik, it is a traditional painting method that utilizes wax — usually Batik is used on fabric.

The title of the blog article I found is Batik Making Process. Looking at the title, you must already know what it is about. From the article, I found out that Batik making process is kind of complicated. The artists must need a long time to finish one fabric. They must do it very carefully. They need to wash the fabric several times and to boil the fabric. It is interesting that the artist supposed to use a small knife to clean the wax. I think it is important for me to know about this because I am going to write a story on a fashion designer who utilizes Batik fabric in his designs.

Batik comes from different parts of Indonesia. Different regions have different types of Batik patterns. The most popular one is the one from Java. In fact, the national costume of Indonesia comes from Java and it includes Javanese Batik fabric. Batik fabric that is painted by hands costs more expensive than the one printed by machine. People, who know quality Batik fabric, prefer ones that are painted to the ones printed. When Batik fabric is printed, the patterns are precise. However, when it is painted, the size and shape of some patterns can look a little different — the natural look is what many people looking for. Auguste Soesatro, the fashion designer whom I will write about, claimed that he only uses hand-painted Batik fabric. He travels to Indonesia as often as possible to get some garments and to make sure the quality of the garments himself.

The information from this blog can be useful when I start writing the article. I can include a little information about Batik if I happen to mention it. I assume there are not many people in the United States who are very familiar with it. However, if any of you can give me more sources or information, please let me know.

Note: Both links have the same URL because when I clicked on the article’s link, the URL did not change but the page change. The link to the article can be found on the home page of Republik Batik.

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