So, I picked CJR’s The Kicker for my reaction post this week. These are my reactions:

Technology Savvy

  • Obama and TV

Going back to the class discussion on June 2, 2009, I think there are professionals out there who really know how to optimize the use of multimedia. One person I found interesting is Brian William. Call me out-of-date, but I didn’t know until today that he is in the process of reporting Obama’s new life in the White House. I have to admit, my guilty pleasure is watching reality show. There is something about watching people’s drama that I really enjoy. I can’t resist, for example, watching The Hills and The City. Now, we have an in-depth coverage of the president’s life. It looks like Obama’s dog, Bo, is going to be more popular than Spencer Pratt.

I also think that it is a smart way of Obama to show his life to the people. I know it’s not going to be very real but it’s important for Obama to show his personality.He is like the new JFK, he knows the power of television. Like Nixon once said, “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

  • Twitter, Younger People and Real Reporters

Another topic that I found familiar — professor Lieb mentioned this in class already — is Twitter. On one of the posts, Megan Garber talked about how Miami Herald columnist admitted that Twitter is more successful in reaching younger people. I know some people think that Twitter is useless. I object! Even I pledge to familiarize myself more with Twitter. There are people on Twitter who are nice enough to post links that will lead to useful or current information. So, anyone who doesn’t care about what I am doing at 2 p.m., please do not follow me but follow those people. In relation to that, I found one post called WSJ Rules for Twittering and Other Online Activities. In my opinion, the reporters should be allowed to post anything they want as long as it does not undermine the Journal’s credibility.

Now, Stephen Colbert thinks newspapers are useful to wrap dishes when people are moving. Obama suggests people to support the government by giving comments through government’s Web site. What’s left for print? Everything can be done online. Print people, who survived, should realize that text is not enough for readers. Readers want to see the actual event. One way to show them is by providing pictures. I think people should give more appreciation to photojournalists because it’s not easy to take good photos. I can’t do anything but people who have money should invest more on photojournalism.

Among my friends, learning photography is pretty hype these days. All of my close friends own some kind of professional camera. I do too! I’m struggling to learn how to use it though. I think learning to take pictures is one way to appreciate the power of image.

I Love Wikipedia and You Should Too!

Moving on, I also found a post about how Wikipedia is updated very well. That is why I love Wikipedia. It is a good place to start a research. Even if teachers say we can’t use it for a reference, I always go there for some background information. I think that Wikipedia is a good place to find information about people or things you have never heard about. Maybe everyone, including Americans, should check out Wikipedia more often. I’m sure Wikipedia has the definition of Taliban. Therefore, no one can claim that there is a news deficit in the U.S. I assume Americans, who do not know about many things outside their country, are not stupid. However, they don’t care enough about things that don’t affect them directly to find out about those things.


We all love CNN right? It’s objective. However, some people prefer opinion to statistic these days. I actually agree with the idea of incorporating opinion or personality in the news because it makes the news more interesting. But people should have options too when it comes to news. I think CNN should stay as objective as possible so people can always go back to CNN when they are not sure.

OK, this one is off-topic. I don’t like Carrie Prejean. I have no specific reason, but it’s probably because I love Perez Hilton and “Milk” the movie. I’m not even sure if that fact relates to why I dislike Prejean. What does she mean by she’s not the bad guy? So, gays are the bad guys after gay marriage is banned?

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