I came across an article about a festival that just happened in Jakarta, Indonesia. The festival is called Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival. Big part of it is a fashion show that was showing the works of some designers including 55 Indonesian designers.

It is not the first time Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival is held. It is a great way to promote Indonesian culture to Indonesians. Indonesia has many different sub-cultures, that is why there are more than 300 traditional languages in Indonesia — I can speak Javanese! They come from different parts of Indonesia.

Unfortunately, when it comes to traditional clothes, it is almost impossible for Indonesians to wear them daily. First, Indonesia is a tropical country and most of its traditional clothes have layers. It’s just too hot for anyone to wear them. Second, it is traditional, so obviously it is not hype. So, why would anyone dress traditional when they can wear more modern ones?

Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival shows that one doesn’t have to be traditional to appreciate ones culture. These Indonesian designers use Indonesian fabrics for more modern looks. It might not be the first attempt, but if this kind of promotion is successful, more Indonesians might start owning at least five pieces of clothes that are made with Indonesian fabrics.

However, what’s sad to me is that this event is not very popular among young people. I asked some of my friends — the hype ones —if they know anything about this event, but their answers are all “No” or “I know but I didn’t come.” When I asked why they didn’t come, they said, “It’s just a fashion show in a mall and it’s far.”

Learning from that, I think the packaging of the whole event should be improved. I don’t know why but most Indonesians like fancy stuff. Therefore, the event should be held outdoor somewhere nice or in a fancier convention center. Also, distance of a location is important in Jakarta — you don’t want to deal with traffic in Jakarta. Kelapa Gading, where this event was held, is located in North Jakarta. It’s far from where the cool people live, South Jakarta. No one goes north if they don’t live there. =) I think it is important to promote this event to people who can further promote it.

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