This week, I decided to throw some questions to a person who has seen the works of Auguste Soesastro. The vice consul for economic affairs, Lintang Wibawa, was willing to spend time answering my questions. As a vice consul at the Indonesian Consulate in New York City, Wibawa is often exposed to different groups of Indonesian people who are active in promoting Indonesian culture.

Wibawa thinks that Soesastro’s creations are unique because his works are something that people can wear. So, it’s not just another traditional art. She sees Soesastro’s works to be targeted more toward young professionals. Wibawa believes that so far, Soesastro has done a great job in targeting his works. However, understanding fashion is not for everyone, Wibawa suggested that Soesastro should continue introducing his works even if he can be considered as successful so far. “I’m not much of an expert on fashion industry, but having a bit of marketing background, I would say he has lots of work to do,” Wibawa said. “Spreading word-of- mouth, reaching the right niche market, and finding a brand ambassador who will able to speak about his intricate design and the thoughtful mélange of East and West that he’s made in his designs.”

Even though Soesastro is trying to introduce different Indonesian fabrics, she sees how his works has been focusing on Javanese culture, which is not a bad thing. Wibawa appreciates the fact that Soesastro always put a lot of thoughts in his works. “His choices for high-quality material show how he knows where to set his standard,” Wibawa said. “Something that you may not always find in the culture of Indonesian garment making. Indonesian garment industry is about selling in bulk and selling it fast.”

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