I always know that writing for the Web is not the same like writing for print media. But, I never know the little rules that we all can follow to create a good Web story. Here are some B.A.S.I.C things that caught my attention:

  • Shorter Paragraph: I know that when I read online news, I get tried easily. I did not notice that BBC has one concept per paragraph. I just noticed when this article pointed it out. In fact, I sent an e-mail to Dr. Lieb about how many sentences should be on a paragraph, and he said there is no rule but less is better. I guess this article answered my question. One paragraph has one concept.
  • Write Well and Quickly: This is the harder part. My English skill is not breathtaking. So, it’s hard for me to write well and quickly at the same time. Usually, when I write something, I will ask someone else to look at it. If it’s a school assignment, I usually ask the professor to give me suggestions. So, I don’t know how to keep-up with the technology and other writers — I have to learn quicker. Advice anyone?
  • Tag: I think this one is important because tags can make it easier for people to search what we have created.
  • Whole Range of Media: I think that this class will definitely encourage me to use different form of media. In one of the class discussion Dr. Lieb said we can use video if we want to. After that class, I have this idea, in my head, to record people’s comments with a video camera for my third story. Because my third story is about a restaurant, I plan to ask people’s opinion on the restaurant. But i don’t know, do you think that’s a good idea?
  • F-shape: This is very true. Even when I’m reading the B.A.S.I.C article, I skimmed through it to find things that catch my attentions. I wonder how to make my story interesting enough so that people don’t skim it.
  • Conversation (comments): Why can’t I be more opinionated? If it’s not because of this class, I might not write this many blog posts. The reason? Because I don’t know what to say and I need more ideas to write. Can anyone teach me how to be creative? =)
  • An eye across a number of sectors: Knowing different things is not only useful for writing but also useful for daily life. I mean, if you don’t know anything, you can’t really talk to other people. So, you have to have some knowledge about something. One way that I do to gain knowledge is by reading news. I can be too lazy sometimes but I’m working on it.

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