My next subject for this week’s interview is Widhi Desiyanti. She is a full-time business analyst at Morpheus Consulting Group. Widhi, 23, has been a member of Indonesian Cultural Club (ICC) for one and a half years. In fact, she really enjoys it.

Widhi joined ICC because she wants to get in touch with her heritage. Her hectic schedule and the limited amount of Indonesian elements in her daily routines make her wants to relax a bit through learning traditional dance.

Widhi thinks that ICC is a pretty serious organization. Even though dancing is not the main profession of the members, they are all very committed to the membership.

The practice is on Sundays, and according to Widhi, it can be very intense especially when they have to perform it on an event. However, Widhi feels very fortunate to have met the members and coordinators of ICC because she can build her network. She believes that as performers, they have to work together in their performances, but apart from that, they are all close friends.

Widhi said that they perform for non-Indonesians and Indonesians who comes to the event. However, she gets a sense that non-Indonesians are more appreciative than Indonesians. Widhi knows that appreciation comes from each individual and she can’t generalize it. What matters for Widhi is that she enjoys what she’s doing and she is perfectly aware of ICC’s goal — to promote Indonesian culture. So, she believes appreciation will come later, of course, after all the hard work.


Initially, I wanted to interview Sinta Penyami Hite, the ICC founder. However, she’s on a vacation, so I just added her on Facebook. I plan to make some questions for her and send them to her by Friday. She said it will be best to keep in touch with her through Facebook.

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