Yes! Ira Glass makes me feel so much better about myself in the third video. I agree that an ability to produce high-quality journalism production can’t be learned ONLY from college. It doesn’t have to be producing a broadcast story, even writing a compelling story is hard. I think those stuff should be learned from experience.

I know that he said we have to take enough time to think of a good topic. However, for this summer session I think I have to decide what story I want to make as quickly as possible so I don’t waste too much time. Especially for my multimedia package, I’m afraid I will not have another chance to cover an event.

For my theme, I have different subjects for stories, but many of them are busy or unreachable. Therefore, I need to stick with my story ideas. I think my first is not too bad, I just need to fix it so that it’s more interesting and to the point. My second story and third story are pretty much on the right track but I’m still not sure if I can write them compellingly. However, I’m working on the interviews and finding more information on the two ideas.

My biggest concern is for the multimedia package. I really want to make a story out of an event, not a person or an organization. However, I don’t know all the exact dates for Indonesian events in 2009. So, when there is one, I want to make a story out of it. I have attempted to make a story out of an event. It was an event called Passport D.C., and during that event the Indonesian Embassy was opened for public. I interviewed some guests and took pictures of the event, but for some reason, I don’t really like the final product. I don’t really know the main idea of the story. There isn’t any anecdote or reflection at all. I just combined different quotes, pictures and natural sounds.

On June 21, 2009, there will be a bazaar at the residence of Indonesian Ambassador to the United States. It will be held by different ASEAN representatives. But, I really want to focus on the Indonesian culture in the bazaar. However, following Ira Glass’ suggestions, I’m not sure how to make the anecdotes. Am I supposed to make an anecdote based on the rundown of the event? Also, what would be the reflection? I’m still thinking of the angle of the story. I need help on this one so that I don’t have to KILL IT like Ira Glass said.

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