Sinta Penyami Hite is the founder of Indonesian Cultural Club (ICC). She has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She is very passionate about dancing, so when she has to reside in the United States, she wants to share Indonesian culture among her American friends.

However, the membership is not limited to Americans; Indonesians who are already familiar with the culture can join and learn even more about it. Hite said that ICC cares very much about the quality of the performances. Therefore, ICC has routine practice even when they are not invited to any events.

Hite is not the only experienced dancer. She has three other dancers who usually practice the dances first and then teach those dances to the other members. Hite asks everyone who wants to join to sign a contract sheet to make sure all the members are on the same page ― to promote high-quality Indonesian dance. Seriousness and discipline are what Hite looking for in each member. When it comes to costume Hite also thinks of the best. Therefore, most of ICC’s costumes were brought from Indonesia.

Hite loves any kinds of Indonesian dance but she finds Balinese dance very challenging so she spends a lot of her time to master it. ICC also collaborates with Gamelan Semara Santi from Swarthmore College, which plays the Balinese music that ICC dances to. Usually they perform together in fall and spring concert.

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