The Google News Alert sent me an article about Hiroshi Koike’s project, which is a combination between Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel and Koike’s own idea. However, this time he showcases his project in Japan, Ireland, and Indonesia.

Koike is also fascinated with Indonesian dance, so, he collaborates with some Indonesians in his project. He said that the only difficulty he faces is language barrier. He finds it hard to explain his idea to the Javanese so he has to use a translator. He thinks that Indonesian dance is very adaptable but still doesn’t lose its uniqueness.

This article, I think, relates a little bit with the bazaar that I want to cover for my multimedia project. On June 21, an event by ASEAN representatives will be held at the residence of Indonesian ambassador to the United States. It is not a special event only for Indonesia but it can be a good event for Indonesian representatives to showcase Indonesian food, art, and traditional clothes. Basically, this event, just like Koike’s project, is a collaborative event among ASEAN representatives.

However, I haven’t decided the angle of the story. Should I write about the collaboration or about the uniqueness of Indonesian culture in comparison to the culture of other ASEAN countries? As suggested by professor Lieb, I will just take as much information as possible and see what I can do with the information.

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