OK, this week I want to react to two readings; One from chapter two and the other from the online reading Digging Deeper::Your Guide to Blogging.

I.                   The core journalism

I totally agree with the author that journalism is something that can be taught. I, however, realize that I find it hard to apply all of the theories. I think that the author is right when he said that some people are better writer because they have the talent. So, for people like me, who have no talent at all in writing, learning how to write compellingly is very HARD.

The author also gave some criteria of good story. I would like to comment on those.

·         Relevance. Shoot! My topic for the project is definitely geographically irrelevant. I really don’t want to change it right now because it’s already in the middle of the semester. I wonder if anyone is going to read my stories. For next time, maybe I can pick another topic that is relevant to the community around me. I mean, right now I’m not sure if anyone cares about Indonesian culture. =(

·         Revelation. This one is a yes! But, again, even though my topic can be new to many people in the United States, I’m not sure if those people really want to know about my topic. However, I know that I can add something to the information about Indonesian culture that has been posted before.

·         Quotes. Definitely agree that quote is important. Unfortunately, some people are just too straight to the point. Unfortunately, up until this point, I’m still not a good interviewer. Usually, when I interview people, I have a list of questions and I just follow that. I need to learn how to ask better questions like professor Lieb said in the class. But, I think I need time to be a good interviewer. It is not something that I can learn in a semester, I guess.

II.                Blogging

The author made it clear that blog does not have real rules. The author even said that blog can be a personal diary. However, how come to me it’s hard to write a blog. I actually have to think about what I want to write. It doesn’t really flow like how it supposed to be.

Also, I learned that because everyone, who has access to the internet and computer or smart phone, can blog then one has to maintain the quality of his/her blog. So, basically just like journalism, one has to learn how to blog. How can I get many readers if I write stupid stuff? This is, I think, another challenge for me. Blog used to be JUST a place for people write stuff. Now, it is becoming more serious, so it turns to another news outlet. In the future, there might be many rules for blogging.

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