On Sunday, June 21, 2009, I interviewed Atria Rai who is one of Indonesian coordinators of annual bazaar by Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Women’s Circle.  She said that even though Indonesia is the host for this year’s bazaar, Indonesia worked together with the other nine Southeast Asian countries that were also showcasing their traditional food, art, and fashion.

Rai worked with two other coordinators from Indonesian Embassy. They were responsible in organizing displays, costumes and models for the fashion show. Each country has a separate committee; however they worked together in preparing the food.

According to Rai, this event is just an annual event by ASEAN Women’s Circle which focused on promoting each country’s culture. However, the money that was collected through this event will be donated to natural disaster victims in Southeast Asia, for example, tsunami victims in Indonesia, typhoon victims in Myanmar and flood victims in Thailand.

Rai predicted that there were 500-800 people came to the event. She believed that the beautiful weather helped a bit in attracting people to come. As an Indonesian representative in the committee, Rai believed that Indonesian culture is different from other Southeast Asian culture because even though there are many provinces in Indonesia, Indonesia has some national prides, such as batik and wayang. Therefore, non-Indonesians, who often go to this kind of bazaar, are familiar with some of that stuff. So, they will end up buying for their collections.

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