Yes, New York Times had a review on a dance show by Sardono Dance Theatre. I’m happy with the fact that the dance was recognized by the Times. Usually, Indonesia is in the news only when there’s a disaster or a corruption case. =p

Sardono Dance Theatre performed “Diponegoro” at Asia Society. According to Times, the overall performance was static and dim. Also, the performance was considered to be kind of unclear because some of the things that needed to be answered were left to the viewers with no answer.

I think that Indonesian culture is not very popular in the United States. With its richness and uniqueness, Indonesian culture has to be adapted based on the viewers. I believe if Indonesia wants to succeed in promoting its traditional art, the performers and artists have to be able to get it clearly. For example, I will not enjoy a Chinese performance if I will not be able to understand it. So, Indonesian artists should not assume that people know about what they’re doing.

So, for my second story, I will ask my next interviewee and my two previous interviewees — they are all members of Indonesian Cultural Club — on how they usually explain to non-Americans about their dances. Is there any specific knowledge that they usually give to the viewers or if they only dance for the sake of the performance without thinking too much on people’s knowledge about the dance.

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