This week, I interviewed Ena Widjojo, the owner of Hardena Restaurant. Most Indonesians know this restaurant as Waroeng Soerabaja. The interview went well even though I called her when she was very busy. But, she was very helpful and she was willing to answer all my questions patiently.

Widjojo moved to the United States in the 80s. She used to live in New York City and used to have a small canteen at the Consulate of Indonesia. In 2001, she moved to Philadelphia because there were about 10,000 potential Indonesian buyers. So, she ended up with Waroeng Soerabaja.

However, these days, there are many Indonesians who have moved back to Indonesia and that makes Widjojo’s loyal guests to be mostly Americans. Only on weekends Indonesians from Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York come to Waroeng Soerabaja to eat.

Widjojo could not say the income that she gets each day because restaurant business is not a fix kind of thing. The restaurant opens every day except Tuesday because Tuesday is the day Widjojo shops for the restaurant. She cooks every morning at 7 a.m. and opens the restaurant at 11 a.m. The way people order food is by picking the dishes on the glass-display — like when people buy ice cream.

Widjojo also gives catering service but only for big parties, not for individual home. She said that it’s too much work for her to have catering service for individual home. Waroeng Soerabaja is a family-owned restaurant, so Widjojo does not have that many people to help her with the catering service.

I plan to go to the restaurant sometime next week. I really want to try the food there and I want to take pictures of the food. I also want to meet with a person I know who often go there. I hope I can get more stuff for the story from the visit.

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