This week I found an article about the lack of Indonesian restaurant in Chicago. Not every one of them has permanent restaurant yet but some do. I also found an article about a person who was inspired on the ideal presidential candidate by local food.

I think it will make a lot more sense to talk about the local food that inspires T. Sima Gunawan on the ideal presidential candidate. So, he traveled to Yogyakarta for a vacation and he ate the local food called gudeg. He said that when he was still living in Yogyakarta, he did not really fancy gudeg but now as he lives far away from Yogyakarta he misses gudeg.

I totally agree with him. Before I went to Towson University, I never really thought that Indonesian food is the most delicious food ever. =p But living so far away from the possibility to enjoy Indonesian food daily makes me realize that I really love Indonesian food. I mean if I had to grade Indonesian food, it would receive an A+. I’m not going to go to why gudeg inspires this guy but the “missing local food” thing relates to the other article.

The article is about the lack of Indonesian food restaurant in Chicago — even if it’s a pretty big city. Only some people are active in selling Indonesian food there. According to the Consulate of Indonesia in Chicago, the reason is because there are only about 500-600 Indonesians there. So, it’s kind of risky to open an Indonesian food business. However, there are some people who are brave enough to test their luck and to open a business. Just what I learned in economic class, demand influences the supply.

This article relates with the reason why Ena Widjojo from Waroeng Soerabaja picked Philadelphia as a place for her business. When she moved to Philadelphia, there were about 10,000 Indonesians over there. It’s not luck for her but it was a guarantee of success. =)

I’m going to the restaurant this week. We’ll see who come to the restaurant more when I’m there, Indonesians or non-Indonesians.

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