My reaction for this week is on the multimedia on Washington The title of the multimedia is Scene In: DC’s Style Scene, Dupont Circle. I don’t know what a journalism professor will say about this multimedia but I think it’s really cool. Why? Here’s why:

1) I did not know that people in Washington, D.C. can be THAT fashionable because every time I go there, I feel like most people wear jeans and tennis shoes. It’s just my personal opinion, but those two don’t look good together. I probably went to not-so-fashionable-places. However, after seeing this multimedia I feel like Washington D.C. is not bad when it comes to fashion.

2) I never really thought that Dupont Circle can be a nice place to gather with friends. Every time I drive by Dupont Circle, I don’t really see anything special. But because of this multimedia I think checking out the middle part of Dupont Circle would not hurt at all.

Or maybe, it’s the multimedia that makes Dupont Circle looks cooler than it actually is. =p Again, the power of pictures, shots, quotes and sounds is very strong. So, it can make a story to be more compelling.  The creator of this multimedia picked interesting people; people who can give good quotes, people who wear boots instead of tennis shoes (just kidding) and the creator was lucky to meet a person who gets inspiration from abroad like India, Pakistan and Ethiopia, which I think adds some values to the package.

The way the pictures were presented is also very nice. I like that each person’s fashion-strength was highlighted in the pictures. For example, the guy with a Mohawk, who was waiting for his date, was captured from front and back to show his hair. Plus, the creator matched the picture with the quote so the picture makes a lot of sense.

The creator also took the shots and pictures in different times and that’s why the package shows Dupont Circle from when it’s still sunny until sunset. I just think it’s clever. Another thing is the last part of the package when the creator fast forwarded (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) the people who were crossing the streets. I kind of get the feeling of “people come and go” at Dupont Circle.

The last thing is the comments on the video. I think it’s very interactive-looking because it’s not like a typical comment box that we usually see on a blog. Very nice!

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