This week I interviewed a friend of mine, Christie Kanter. She is an Indonesian student at Drexel University. As a senior student, who has been away from Indonesia for quite a while, Kanter knows how it feels to miss Indonesian home-cooked meal.

Kanter goes to Waroeng Soerabaja twice or three times every two weeks. She usually goes there in a group of five or six. She likes to go in a group because they can pick different dishes and share the food so each person can try different things.

Kanter favorite dish is rendang because the rendang at Waroeng Soerabaja is very tender and flavorful. For Kanter, eating in at the restaurant is the most important thing because she likes the warung atmosphere. She said that the point of her going there is not just to eat but to have a feel of being in an Indonesian warung.

According to Kanter, Waroeng Soerabaja is the only place she likes when it comes to getting Indonesian food. She said that other places or people in Philadelphia that sell Indonesian food are not very competitive because most people will pick Waroeng Soerabaja anyway. She said that if Waroeng Soerabaja is closed then she will not eat Indonesian food anymore in Philadelphia. She will wait until she has a chance to go to Indonesia for a vacation.

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