First, I want to say that I never thought that a map can be more useful than just for a geography class. I’m taking one right now and I hate looking at maps because it’s so confusing. However, it’s another story when the map is interactive. I have picked three that I think are useful and they’re pretty cool too.

1. Breaking News Map

I think this one is definitely useful for people who like to know what’s going on in the world. Plus, it’s breaking news so it’s kind of cool to know important events in different part of the world. Also, you can pick the topic on the right side of the page. There’s a side bar with a list of topic that you can check depending on your interest. You can also adjust the speed of the map and fast forward if you want to skip to the next news. There’s another similar map at World News Map , and on this map you can pick the dates if you want to check out old news. I think we can actually see news based on region on online newspaper site. However, personally by looking at the map, I kind of want to click on different regions more. When I open online newspaper site, I only read stuff in the U.S. and Asia Pacific.

2. Risky Roads

This map is not directly useful to drivers but it can be informative for future trip. I think that in general people need to be careful when they’re driving but by knowing accident-prone parts of the country people can prepare to be more careful or probably not pass those parts because there might be traffic caused by accidents.

3. Onion Map

This one is definitely useful. It’s nice that you can pick a place by category. For example, if you click on restaurant, it will give you a list of restaurants in the state that you have picked. If you click on a restaurant name, you can get basic information about it, and there’s picture of it too. So, next time you want to find a place, you can try this one. I think it’s nice that we can get the address and at the same time we can see it on the map. Also, there are some other countries that you can check out. So, next time when you visit Kuala Lumpur, you won’t get lost.

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