This summer semester, I learned many things from MCOM 407 class. There are three things that I found very useful this semester, learning how to write, learning how to do an interview and learning how to manage my time.

Learning how to write:

I have to admit that up until now, I still need help in improving my writing. I have to say that I’m not a good writer. I don’t actually have ink in my blood. Journalism is one thing that I want to conquer in college. I never, before coming to Towson University, thought myself as a writer. However, being able to write real stories for this class makes me think that it is possible for me to pursue journalism as long as I have the will and effort. It feels great to have my own stories online, where people can read them. What I learned about writing for the new media is the fact that the story has to be interesting enough so the readers stay on the page and not click on some other links. I’m not sure if the stories I wrote are good enough for real publication but I hope those stories are interesting enough to make professor Lieb and my classmates read all of them. As for grammar, I know that I’m not very good with it but I think that has something to do with how much I use it. In order for me to get myself use to grammatical rules, I have to write more often and ask people, who know more about grammar, to correct me.

  • Blogging

Wow! I would never thought in a million years that I can write more than 30 posts in 10 weeks. This is something really new to me. I hope I can continue writing on my blog. It will probably hard for me to find a topic or an idea to write, but I will figure it out. Maybe professor Lieb can continue giving me ideas on what to write for the blog. =)

Learning how to do an interview:

I’m not the bravest person on earth, and that explains why interview is such a hard thing for me to do. I get scared when I have to talk to people I don’t really know. However, this class has encouraged me to do my best in interviews because I knew that without good interviews I wouldn’t go anywhere in this class. So, I learned that I have to be prepared before the interview and I have to be brave during the interview so the interview flows nicely.

Learning how to manage my time:

I have to say it’s hard to stay focus during summer semester. However, in order for me to complete all the assignments, I used a strict schedule to make sure I don’t miss anything. I learned how not to procrastinate. Even though I don’t know my final grade yet for this class, I’m proud of myself because I finished all the assignments. Not only I finished them, I actually put a lot of efforts in them.

Technology wise nothing is very new to me. Thank God the technology factor is not a big part of the grading for this class.

I want to thank all of my classmates for their comments on my posts. I hope I have equally given them useful comments.

I also thank professor Lieb for helping me with the assignments and giving me the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t have done if they’re not for this class.