This week, I found an article about a community in Indonesia that collects stuff from the old days. It is interesting how they have standards for the collectibles, which are nothing too ancient, nothing too complicated or nothing too “museum.”

I think that this kind of community is very useful to preserve things that can turn to nothing without proper preservation. One of the member said that these old stuff can be invaluable but with proper care they can be valuable.

I think this relates to the topic I’m doing — Indonesian culture. I just think that no matter how beautiful a culture can be, if the people do not treat it nicely then it’s going to be a waste. For example, if young Indonesians do not want to know about traditional languages or dances, those parts of the culture can extinct.

Most Indonesians speak the national language, which is Bahasa Indonesia. Almost every Indonesian also categorizes him/herself as part of a certain island, for example, I consider myself as a Javanese. The problem is most of young Javanese cannot speak Javanese because their parents do not teach them. As a result, many young Javanese considers knowing Javanese language is not important. If this keeps on happening, sooner or later no Javanese can speak their traditional language anymore.

That is why I really thank those Indonesians in the United States who have seen the importance of preserving Indonesian culture.

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