I know that she probably gets this comment a lot but yeah, Yi doesn’t need to impress people with looks even after she becomes a celebrity now.

OK, this girl is definitely talented. She knows how to present comedy without exploiting race or sex jokes. She’s funny in her own way. What amazes me is the fact that she plays different instruments and creates funny songs that I, a non-creative-at-all person, would never thought about.

To me, her jokes can only be delivered by her or it won’t be funny. However, from yesterday’s show at Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse, I enjoyed everything she did from the comedy to the serious songs she wrote. My favorite… Magic Perfume. I just think that the song is so sweet. Well, she probably has done yesterday’s jokes before from previous shows but I bet it would still be funny because of her. I actually have seen the ice skating video on her MySpace, but it was still funny when she presented that video to the audience yesterday.

Well, I notice, and you probably notice too, that her talents will produce more awesome stuff in the future. Kudos!