I just didn’t expect that this movie is going to be so good.

I really enjoyed watching Zombieland.

First, Jesse Eisenberg is a HOT nerd. In real life, I probably won’t trust my life on him. But, in this movie his paranoia on, basically, everything on earth makes me think “owh wow! I just realize that clown is so scary…” What’s more crazy is the fact that it makes me think “what about the clown in so scary?” And, the answers are the smiling face and the big red nose.

Moving on… This movie offers guidelines on how to survive the zombies. I think that’s smart. Why? OK… how many zombie movies that you have watched actually give you tips how to survive? LOL. I know.. I know.. Zombies aren’t real. But, you can actually use those guidelines to get away from humans you don’t like. Like, you’ll need cardio to run away from your crazy ex-boyfriend! LOL.

Anyway, this movie is a must watch. Just don’t forget to remember all the rules. Or else, you won’t survive. JK

4 out of 5 stars