On October 10, 2009, George Mason University‘ Filipino Cultural Association and Asian Pacific American Coalition held a music and dance event called Makinig at Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall. The event was a great success with talented artists participating at the event.

I’m glad that I got the chance to come and to see all the performers. This event definitely showed how proud they are to be Filipinos and showed how much they are willing to help the typhoon victims. I think it is a great way to help the typhoon victims by doing this kind of event because younger generations would be attracted to help.

So, my favorites are, Jay Legaspi, AJ Rafael, JR Aquino and Passion. However, I think all the performers did a great job last night. To be honest, I didn’t know all the performers before, but I’m glad that I came because now I know there are artists like Kat Badar and Melissa Polimar who sing soooo beautifully.

Well, all and all… kudos to all performers and the committee members! Thanks for making Makinig II happened.

Photo courtesy: Stephanie Juwita Liman

Photo courtesy: Stephanie Juwita Liman