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If you are one of those people who believe that love is ALWAYS sweet or love at first sight is possible, well… this movie is for you. This movie gives you different love stories and you kind of have a big chance to match your situation with one of those stories. I mean, you know how it is, if you’re a girl, you tend to try fitting your situation with a love story line and to make yourself believe that you’re JUST like the character.

But, unfortunately, I think the movie is not that great. I still like it but it’s not one of the best romantic/drama movie I’ve ever seen. I think there are too many stories and they are not told equally. Some stories are longer than the others. For example, Orly Bloom’s love story is definitely too short. The Shia LaBeouf’s one is kind of confusing. I mean what is he? A ghost? or Was he just an image from the past? Maybe it’s my lack of understanding about abstract ideas in movies, but I think I’d still appreciate some more explanation.

Good thing about the movie?

I like Hayden Christensen, he looks like a real New Yorker… In fact, he looks like people that I see on the street every time I go to NYC.

I like the story about Bradley Cooper — I think it’s kind of realistic that people meet each other at a bar and then have “intimate” relationship… I thought “hey…many people do that all the time.” Plus, Cooper’s just too hot to be ignored.

I LOVE the story about the old couple. I LOVE how they argue all the time; how the wife always reminds the husband to lift his feet when he walks. They are the cutest couple in the movie!!!

And I think it’s good that this movie does not involve Times Square or Liberty Statue or the Rockefeller’s ice ring because those stuff would be a bummer. Well, it’s about New Yorkers and I suppose New Yorkers don’t go to where the tourists go. =)

Overall, this movie is good but not too great.

3 out of 5