Michael Cera, he was my primary reason why I was very excited to watch this movie. I know for a fact that this movie will be hilarious solely because of his characters – Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger. Youth in Revolt is about a boy who falls in love with a girl whom he met during a vacation. The boy, Nick Twisp, is a soft, mellow individual whose hero is Frank Sinatra. Where he lives, he is unrecognized by the females. In fact, sex, is just something that’s way beyond his imagination. To make story short, he is a virgin.

When he finally met a girl who has interest in him, Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), Nick created an alter ego named Francois Dillinger. Being rebellious was the only way that Nick could think of to win Sheeni. So, Nick’s alter ego, Francois, was the one who always initiated bad ideas and gave Nick the courage to execute them.

Oh my God! I love Cera in both characters. When I look at Cera, I wouldn’t think of him as an outlaw – by any means. And why this movie cracked me up? Because we know that Cera (in real life) and Nick Twisp are not the kind of person who would pass the curfew let alone burn a car. As a result, the tougher Francois acted, the more comedy I got from the scene. For example, I laughed every time Francois took a drag off his cigarette.

Nick was a funny person too. Despite family problems, he is always ready to find humor in his situation. Just when his mom told him that no one wants to be with her because she already has a son and she has too many cellulite, Nick sarcastically cheered his mother up by making joke about cellulite fetishes.

That’s Cera’s character that I have always known. He expresses jokes without giving the joker face, and the seriousness actually adds more humor to the jokes.

All and all, this raging-hormones movie is worth the $10. Go watch it and laugh it out!