Two weeks ago, I started my internship at AARP the Magazine, Washington D.C. Because I live in Baltimore, the commute is quite a challenge, especially for my boyfriend who drives the car.

We chose to commute by car because the expense would be doubled if we decided to take the train.
Parking at Penn Station : $12
Amtrak to Union Station DC : $14
Metro to Gallery Place : $1.65 (one way)
Well, you get the idea. It’s complicated and expensive.

Anyways, we decided to take the car to get inside Washington, D.C. Usually, my boyfriend drops me off at Farraguth North or Cleveland Metro station. And there, my enjoyable ride begins.

I love riding the Metro. Despite the fact that there’s a chance for me to be trapped inside it with some bad people (like the ones you see in the movies), I love taking the Metro on weekdays in the morning. You know what’s my favorite thing to do when I’m in it?

I like playing guesses. Well, when you’re taking the Metro in the morning, you usually see different kinds of people. So, I like to play guesses in my mind, like, guessing what their jobs are, whom are they going to meet, or even how are they feeling at the moment.

I saw a girl the other day, in the Metro. She’s probably about 19 or 20 years old. She wore black leggings, medium length skirt, and a matching blazer. She accessorized her all-black-look with a maroon scarf. I could tell from her face that she’s very excited. So, I made a guess:

She’s a new intern at one of the government offices and that day, was her first day.

I also saw a young male, who looked very anxious. He wore a pair of skinny pants, a plaid shirt, a grey pea coat and a pair of casual leather shoes. He was holding a folder and he kept reading what’s inside the folder. I paid attention to him five seconds too long. So, he looked back at me and gave me a smile. So, I made a guess:

He’s a very kind teenager-ish male who’s going to a job interview. And, he couldn’t wait to get this part-time job because he would need the money to spoil his girlfriend (once he has one). My guess, he’s the kind of person who’d do anything for the one he loves.

Typically, one trip allows me to guess two persons because the rest of my time, I use it to wonder about what‘s waiting for me at the office.

After a while, two weeks, I feel like I know the people who travel together with me. I’d have a short conversation with them. Nothing serious, just weather or how sleepy we are. One time, a guy offered me his newspaper because he’s done reading it. I mean, that’s random but kind.

When you ride the Metro, you basically share a lot of things with others in it. You share the space, sits, oxygen, and even the worries. Like, when the train is delayed, I’m pretty sure almost everyone in that train is worry about getting late, whether it’s for a meeting, a breakfast or just simply getting to work.

No, they’re not my friends. I don’t even know their names. But, yes, they’re my fellow commuters, the ones whom I share the moment with in the train. So, I’d like to say. Good bye and enjoy the rest of your day.