So, I have spent a lot of time reading some fashion blogs and I came across a lot of “New York” on many of the posts. Well, the countless mention of that culturally diverse, awesome, crowded, polluted, stylish, full-of-character city made me want to check out my friend’s band, Jirapah, on MySpace; not that I have forgotten about them.

According to MySpace, Jirapah is a Rock/Pop/Indie band. If I have to name a genre to describe this band, I have to say “I’m not sure.” All I know is, the guitar, bass and drum are not in sync, but for some reason they manage to create dreamy/odd songs; the odd part is not a bad thing though. When I listen to Jirapah, I get the Oh-I-Just-Want-to-Lie-Down-and-Stare-at-the-Ceiling type of feeling, which is perfect for a very hard working individual like moi.  I REALLY NEED a moment (actually a lot of moments) to chill and to daydream.

I may seem ordinary and normal…AND boring but my brain wonders about peculiar stuff sometimes. Like now! I just listened to Jirapah and all I could imagine about is the Weather Underground. LOL. *I Love Peace*

Wanted, taken from:

Protest, taken from:

Bernardine Dohrn, taken from: