When I was working at the library this afternoon, my buddy Niken from Houston, Texas, texted me and said, “G pngn shopping deh. Pngn ganti style gt lochhh.” (Note: that sentence was taken verbatim from the text. And yes, she used triple “h.”) Btw, the sentence means, “I want to burn my closet down because I hate my clothes.” *wink*

So, I asked her, “What’s wrong with your clothes?” Because honestly she dresses awesomely and almost always dress to “shut it down” <– inspired by Rachel Zoe. I mean really, she’s fashion conscious enough to not wear tennis shoes to hang out, or to not wear big (fake) gold earrings that has her name carved on it *wink* OR to not exploit the use of sweatpants and pajamas. Plus, I’m not really the person to ask about fashion because my closet looks more like a man’s locker than Carrie Bradshaw‘s walking closet.

However, I think this could be a good way to kill time until my shift is over. So, I took Niken’s statement as a 30-minute project and here you go Niken:

  • From what I’m seeing on Style.com, spring is all about flowers and COLOURS <– imagine a British male model pronouncing that word. Aaarrrggh, so sexy! Anyways, you might want to add some colours to your collection. I think, for you, you could add more colours on your accessories or shoes. Have you ever seen the flowery lace-up sandals at Urban Outfitters? Get that!! Or, you could get the American Apparel’s Amanda shoes. Pick the ones with brighter colour though. I’m getting a pair too!
  • Harem pants are everywhere! AND, denim too! So, you might want to buy a pair of Harem pants in gray, medium denim, or military colour.
  • Patterns!!! Have you ever wished that you have unlimited $$$$$$$ to buy stuff with famous names on the tags? <– I meant designers stuff. Well, you don’t have to spend $$$$$$$$$$ on pattern-play dresses or bottoms this time. You could wear our lovely batik or make something out of kain tenun Toraja. From what I’m seeing the colourful kain tenun Toraja is similar to the pattern used on Trussardi 1911 suede beaded bag.

NOTE: But, when you have the money (when I have the money) definitely get this bag!!!

Trussardi (click pic for image source)

My shift is over… to be continued?? Maybe??