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I have so many things in my mind right now. I have no idea what to say about this movie. Oh well, I guess “F@$#-ing awesome” are two perfect words to describe this movie.

I have never been this excited since JJ Abram’s Start Trek. Truthfully, I’m not a comic book nerd -not there’s anything wrong with that- and I have no idea what Kick-Ass was until last winter I believe, when I saw the trailer. I couldn’t wait since then.

Basically, Kick-Ass is about a kid named Dave Lizewski who dreams about being a super hero. Having himself mugged by gang kids many times, he wonders why can’t someone in this world stand up and defend the good guys from bad guys. So, he decided to buy a wet suit, make a mask and fight crimes.

He didn’t do very well in the beginning. I mean, he is just an invisible kid in high school who hangs out at a comic books store. He doesn’t have that many friends and no girl wants him (some romance in the movie but don’t feel like talking about it). He has no charm for girls, let alone super power. But, he got the guts and will. Who knows right? Those guts landed him on YouTube which later made him very famous.

In the movie, he was not bitten by a spider though, so he did not instantly become strong or know kung fu. Instead, his life was saved by Hit Girl and Big Daddy. I have to say this movie should be titled Hit Girl instead of Kick-Ass but Aaron Johnson’s cuteness had me on the defense that I think Kick-Ass as a title is OK.

Hit Girl, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, is basically the real super hero in this movie. Her way of fighting crimes always involve jabbing on the nose, stabbing, cutting and shooting (read: blood). All thanks to Big Daddy, her father played by Nicolas Cage, for not putting her in regular school but instead home schooling her by teaching her how to use deadly weapons. This movie is bloody, but in a good way. I guess what I meant was this movie is well made so the bloodiness does not look cheap at all. The director, Matthew Vaughn, also did a great job in moving this movie along so viewers are always on it and not get bored easily. The action parts are not all over the place. The movie is not a bombardment of kicking and punching but it actually tells a story.

And although Hit Girl seems to be the one with the real super hero ability, the movie stresses enough that Kick-Ass was the string of the movie. He was the one who brings all the characters together so they could finish their business.

I have to say my favorite character is Hit Girl. Why? Because she says all the dirty words and she gets things done. She’s bad-ass. I mean, which little girl would take three bullets from her daddy just to get ice cream afterwards?  I think Hit Girl character gets all the good lines, like “I’m just fuckin’ with you, daddy.”  Her potty mouth deserves an award.

However, Kick-Ass would not be forgotten because he is the cutest thing ever. Forget about Robert Pattinson! This lad, Aaron Johnson deserves 10 stars hotness rating. Who could resist those eyes and lips? Maybe 10 stars are not enough.

Red Mist has not received the spotlight this time. But, Cristopher Mintz-Plasse did a great job playing this character. He actually has more chances now to not be called McLovin all the time. He sets the character Red Mist as him. From now on, Red Mist is him and if replaced it would be odd. Red Mist is definitely not like Superman, a character that could be played by any guy with square face and dark hair color, because of Mintz-Plasse. I would call him the Red Mist guy from now on.

Bottom line… GO SEE THE MOVIE!

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