I have always been a necklace-admirer. I have a small but pretty good necklace collection right now. Many of them used to belong to my mother and were handed down to me. I have to say my taste in necklace was influenced by my mother’s. She likes big necklaces with big stones or silver and bronze metals. She likes her necklaces to have beads that are un-identical because each of them were carved by hands. She buys her necklaces from odd places like a traditional market in Tanzania or a village in Borneo; she definitely does not go to Frank & Co. (she goes there only when she needs bling bling for a wedding that she doesn’t really want to attend but she just have to).

Because of those reasons above, I like necklaces that she likes too. Now, almost all my necklaces were made of non-gold material and no diamonds necessary.

Now, thanks to Style Bubble for giving me the knowledge about this limited edition jewelry by Muqliza Imroni, I have added a new necklace to my small collection. When I saw Style Bubble’s blog post about Sou Brette, which is a jewelry line established in 2005, I know I’m kind of behind ;), I immediately called my mom back in Indonesia and asked her to send me one. Of course, my mom said, “OK,” because I know she likes it too.

This morning the necklace arrived… take a look.

Sou Brette by Muqliza Imroni