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We all know about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” What you probably have no clue about is “It’s always cloudy in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to highly polluted air.” And, because Indonesia is a tropical country, it’s summer all year here in Jakarta, with ridiculous humidity. As a result, when it comes to fashion trends, Summer/Spring trends are the most significant and practical trend for us, Indonesians. This Sunday morning, I browsed on the internet, just clicking on different fashion blogs and I spent quite a while on And, I found a line up of fashionable STRIPES on the site which can be relevant to the Jakarta dwellers all year round. In my opinion, stripes are bold enough but it’s still friendly for the eyes. Nothing too crazy.

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I have always been a necklace-admirer. I have a small but pretty good necklace collection right now. Many of them used to belong to my mother and were handed down to me. I have to say my taste in necklace was influenced by my mother’s. She likes big necklaces with big stones or silver and bronze metals. She likes her necklaces to have beads that are un-identical because each of them were carved by hands. She buys her necklaces from odd places like a traditional market in Tanzania or a village in Borneo; she definitely does not go to Frank & Co. (she goes there only when she needs bling bling for a wedding that she doesn’t really want to attend but she just have to).

Because of those reasons above, I like necklaces that she likes too. Now, almost all my necklaces were made of non-gold material and no diamonds necessary.

Now, thanks to Style Bubble for giving me the knowledge about this limited edition jewelry by Muqliza Imroni, I have added a new necklace to my small collection. When I saw Style Bubble’s blog post about Sou Brette, which is a jewelry line established in 2005, I know I’m kind of behind ;), I immediately called my mom back in Indonesia and asked her to send me one. Of course, my mom said, “OK,” because I know she likes it too.

This morning the necklace arrived… take a look.

Sou Brette by Muqliza Imroni

When I was working at the library this afternoon, my buddy Niken from Houston, Texas, texted me and said, “G pngn shopping deh. Pngn ganti style gt lochhh.” (Note: that sentence was taken verbatim from the text. And yes, she used triple “h.”) Btw, the sentence means, “I want to burn my closet down because I hate my clothes.” *wink*

So, I asked her, “What’s wrong with your clothes?” Because honestly she dresses awesomely and almost always dress to “shut it down” <– inspired by Rachel Zoe. I mean really, she’s fashion conscious enough to not wear tennis shoes to hang out, or to not wear big (fake) gold earrings that has her name carved on it *wink* OR to not exploit the use of sweatpants and pajamas. Plus, I’m not really the person to ask about fashion because my closet looks more like a man’s locker than Carrie Bradshaw‘s walking closet.

However, I think this could be a good way to kill time until my shift is over. So, I took Niken’s statement as a 30-minute project and here you go Niken:

  • From what I’m seeing on, spring is all about flowers and COLOURS <– imagine a British male model pronouncing that word. Aaarrrggh, so sexy! Anyways, you might want to add some colours to your collection. I think, for you, you could add more colours on your accessories or shoes. Have you ever seen the flowery lace-up sandals at Urban Outfitters? Get that!! Or, you could get the American Apparel’s Amanda shoes. Pick the ones with brighter colour though. I’m getting a pair too!
  • Harem pants are everywhere! AND, denim too! So, you might want to buy a pair of Harem pants in gray, medium denim, or military colour.
  • Patterns!!! Have you ever wished that you have unlimited $$$$$$$ to buy stuff with famous names on the tags? <– I meant designers stuff. Well, you don’t have to spend $$$$$$$$$$ on pattern-play dresses or bottoms this time. You could wear our lovely batik or make something out of kain tenun Toraja. From what I’m seeing the colourful kain tenun Toraja is similar to the pattern used on Trussardi 1911 suede beaded bag.

NOTE: But, when you have the money (when I have the money) definitely get this bag!!!

Trussardi (click pic for image source)

My shift is over… to be continued?? Maybe??

I made a trip to National Aquarium in Baltimore with a few friends yesterday. It was quiet a “fishy” day. Because, we ate at Bertha’s Mussels afterward and each of us left with a stomach full of sea creatures – cooked of course! I took some pictures with my lame camera (planning to get a good one soon though). And this morning when I woke up, I made these…

Spring 2010 Trend from - Louise Gray

Spring 2010 Trend from - Alexander McQueen

Spring 2010 Trend from - Fendi

Runway photos were taken from Others were taken by moi.

When you have to read hundreds of letters and make a report… you tend to experience what most people called “Sleepiness” or worse, “Headache.” So, when those two things happen to me… I open this blog

my mid-day obsession...

Indonesia is a developing country in Southeast Asia. It is true that Indonesia is known for some distinctive stuff. For example, one of them is the fact that it is one of the largest Muslim populated countries. Isn’t that interesting? With a huge Muslim population, Indonesia is able to maintain a good level of peace nationally.

Indonesia is also known for its tourism, with its thousands of islands, hundreds of traditional languages (that no one cares about), beautiful bitches (I meant beaches), etc.

But, before I tell you my point, I want to emphasize that I am no political expert – none of those political stuff. Clear?

Indonesia may mean something to the world. In fact, Indonesia is participating in some international organizations, such as, APEC, ASEAN, G-20, etc. – I can’t think of the rest now. So, there must be a reason why Indonesia takes part in those organizations. And I think it’s because other countries want to hear Indonesia’s points of view. Therefore, it would be unfair to say that Indonesia is insignificant or unimportant.

However, Indonesia is not in the place to be arrogant, especially the “kampungan” Indonesian people. There are too many inconsequential things that Indonesian people like to criticize. For example, currently, the Garuda symbol on Armani’s t-shirt.

In my opinion, those people who criticized the use of Garuda on the t-shirts were being too hypocritical. They’re all acting like they are extremely nationalistic and all, but hey! Are they even willing to wear a t-shirt with a huge Garuda on the chest to go out, let say, to go on a casual date at Senayan City? No, right? If they don’t even have the pride to wear things that say INDONESIA, why bother criticizing?

Honestly, I have never seen anyone I know wear anything with Indonesian flag or Garuda (except during Independence Day). Why? Because, in general, we’re not very nationalistic. How many of you like the Monday morning ceremony? EXACTLY!

My point is, if we’re not even nationalistic ourselves, why are we criticizing someone else’s GOOD intention? Why suddenly bother?

Plus, what does the Garuda on Armani’s t-shirt mean to those hypocritical people? Which part of that symbol is degrading? Armani didn’t add a huge penis on that bird right? He didn’t put two boobs on the Garuda’s chest. As a matter of fact, he just gave Indonesia 15 minutes of fame.

This fall season, fashion is about being brave and confident. Make sure you add some BOLDNESS in every single thing you wear. Add bold colors to your accessories and bold emphasis to your apparel.

Show everyone that IT IS WARM with your CHUNKY KNITS

Chunky Knits

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Warm your feet with LACE-UP BOOTS

Lace-up Boots

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Distinct yourself with NEON HUES apparels or accessories

Neon Colors

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