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Lately, I have been feeling a little insecure with my future. Often times I wonder what am I really good at? What is my one passion? What is it that I want to be? Or even, how good I want to be in say the next 10 to 15 years?

Currently, I can’t seem to think of a passion, the one thing that I want to pursue. OK, some people who know me might say, “Well you took journalism in college, aren’t you passionate about writing?” To answer that, I’d say, “Not really.”

I wasn’t born with ink in my blood. I wasn’t born with any talent at all, not that I know of. Why do I think so? Because up until now, no one has ever told me how wonderful of a writer I am, how talented of a painter, singer, designer or any other professions you know exist. I can’t really blame anyone though. They really don’t have any reason to give me such compliments because I have done zero brilliant accomplishment.

This afternoon, I watched Junior Master Chef Australia on Star World. You know what I immediately thought of? I thought, “Damn, when I was eight years old, the greatest thing I have ever done was being able to stand on my toes with my point shoes. Even then, I quit ballet and as much as I remember Plié, Pas de bourrée and Sissonne, I am as stiff as a French baguette now.”

The problem with me was that I tried so many different things but I left them because I was bored—from basketball, softball, martial arts, music, singing, to dancing. I guess the key challenge in my sort-of-pathetic-life right now is to find that one passion so I can be good at it and stick to it for the rest of my life.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” –Nelson Mandela


I haven’t been very good to my blog lately. In fact, I have been neglecting my blog for quiet a while. Reasons? Well, let’s just say I’m busy writing for a magazine where I work at (no need to name names). =)

So, yeah… I have been loosing a lot of leisure time; lack of MTVs, lack of YouTubes, lack of TV series and lack of web-stalkings (you know when you spend hours in front of the computer reading about your obsessions, or even worse watching every single interview they did on YouTube or clicking on every single photo of them on Google image (YES… I am that pathetic when it comes to my dream boys).

At the moment, I’m kind of TOO obsessed with Chadd Smith a.k.a Madd Chadd. He’s the robotic guy in Step Up 3D. I mean… he’s kind of stuck in my head right now and I have been watching his videos doing robotic moves these past three days. How insane is that? I mean… I don’t even dance and what do I know about dance?

I guess… I think I know why I’m this pathetic. Well, the thing is I have always been someone who embrace pop culture or let’s say mainstream pop culture. I used to watch MTV like 5 hours a day or spend hours on YouTube just to watch people sing or dance, and of course, to watch movie trailers. So, once those things are taken away from my routine, I kind of feel miserable.

I miss my free time doing all those things. I miss it A LOT! I think my 15-year-old in me is crying for more entertainment =).

Now, after watching Step Up 3D, a bunch of friends and I are thinking about taking a dance class. Thank God, I’m not the only one. =D I guess it’s a normal thing to want something different in life. Dance is different for me and my friends, and it should be FUN.


After a month of persuasion by my father, I finally picked up Iron #7, Driver #1 and Wood #3 this morning. I decided to learn how to play golf because I think it would be a good way to spend more time with my father.

My father and I went to Halim driving range at 6:30 a.m. for a quick 200 hits. I did not know that 200 hits could make my body DAMN SORE right now. But it was fun! The professional coach was out on a tournament so for this morning, a caddie, Mas Arifin, taught me how to hit the balls.

From today’s practice, I learned that playing golf is about BREAKING THE BAD HABITS. Why?

Well, as a novice, I tend to bend my left arm when hitting the ball. I don’t mean to bend my left arm, but I just do all the time. That’s my bad habit. Different people have different bad habits. Maybe, some people are impatient when hitting the ball, etc.

But if we take this point from golf lesson to our daily life, we can see how we have to make ourselves aware that we are about to do our bad habits. We have to constantly remind ourselves not to do those habits. For how long? Until those bad habits are gone and without even telling yourself to avoid those habits, you just automatically drop them out of your life.

First lesson learned.

We all know about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” What you probably have no clue about is “It’s always cloudy in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to highly polluted air.” And, because Indonesia is a tropical country, it’s summer all year here in Jakarta, with ridiculous humidity. As a result, when it comes to fashion trends, Summer/Spring trends are the most significant and practical trend for us, Indonesians. This Sunday morning, I browsed on the internet, just clicking on different fashion blogs and I spent quite a while on And, I found a line up of fashionable STRIPES on the site which can be relevant to the Jakarta dwellers all year round. In my opinion, stripes are bold enough but it’s still friendly for the eyes. Nothing too crazy.

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You might be familiar with “I LOVE NY” t-shirt. I mean, a gazillion people wear that shirt no matter where they actually come from. Even the New Yorkers said, “LOVE YOUR OWN CITY!”

The thing about New York City is it is a city with a soul. You just can’t help falling in love with “The Big Apple.” It seems like there’s a magnet that draws you to visit and to never leave the city. In fact, I have bunch of hearts for this city because lots of reasons:

1) You’ll always be RAD no matter which crowd you choose.

In New York City, you can be a socialite or an underground artist, yet you’d still own the awesomeness. Why? Because in New York you can be anything. You could definitely be a comic nerd and still be cool. Example? Paul Iacono! What’s not cool about him? He’s just so cute, I want to hug him with a passion. If you are not so into comics, you could be an amazing and stylish PR for a renowned fashion magazine with “no-bull” attitude just like Erin Kaplan.

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2. New York City has the best Japanese Restaurant

Looking for the hippest Japanese Restaurant? Well, Oh! Taisho is the place. You actually have to wait in line for more than 45 minutes on the weekend. That’s how awesome this place is!! Open the link and see what they have to offer.

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3. Broadway shows will make you smile and cry at the same time.

Who told you stage shows are boring? No show on Broadway will make you fall asleep.

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4. New York City’s street fashion will make you go “aAaAaawWwWww…”

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New York… I’ll be right back! I promise.

Alun-alun diambil dari istilah Jawa yang artinya lapangan luas tempat masyarakat berkumpul. Siapa sangka kalau jaman sekarang alun-alun itu tak lagi harus berada di lapangan luas, seperti alun-alun Yogyakarta. Sekarang alun-alun adanya di gedung bertingkat and ber-AC. Kita tidak perlu lagi kipas-kipas, ngelap keringat atau mengusir lalat yang berusaha hinggap di jajanan yang sedang kita makan.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, sebuah mall yang terletak di Jl. MH. Thamrin, punya alun-alun sendiri. Terletak di lantai 3 bagian West Mall, Alun Alun Indonesia mewarnai Grand Indonesia dengan sentuhan budaya Indonesia. Toko-tokonya menjual batik dengan berbagai macam gaya busana dan banyak juga dijual buah tangan tradisional  Indonesia. Tak hanya itu, makanan yang dijual pun makanan khas Indonesia.

Warung Kopi contohnya, menjual makanan khas Indonesia yang bukan hanya Indonesia banget tetapi juga enak, walaupun memang harganya bukan untuk semua orang.

Sabtu lalu, 7 Agustus 2010, saya sekeluarga pergi makan di Warung Kopi. Makanan yang kita pesan lumayan banyak, diantaranya, otak-otak, gerontol jagung, kue rangi, tahu guling, nasi uduk komplit, tauge goreng, dan nasi bebek goreng kering.

Pesanan saya pada waktu itu nasi uduk komplit. Nasi uduknya gurih yang dilengkapi dengan ayam goreng, tahu dan tempe goreng, dan telur dadar. Anda bisa memilih bagian ayam mana yang ingin dihidangkan. Kalau saya lebih suka paha dibandingkan dada. Tetapi dari semua lauk-pauk di atas, favorit saya justru tempe gorengnya. Tidak seperti tempe goreng yang biasa saya makan di tempat lain, tempe goreng di Warung Kopi dipotong agak tebal dan dalamnya tidak terlalu kering walaupun luarnya benar-benar kering dan gurih.

Di luar nasi uduk , saya juga sangat menikmati otak-otaknya. Walaupun rasanya tidak nomor satu, tetapi saya sangat suka dengan ukurannya yang kecil dan penampilan yang cantik. Jumlah otak-otak yang dihidangkan pun cukup “manusiawi” sehingga saya bisa menikmati hidangan ini sebagai appetizer.

Untuk minumnya, seperti biasa saya pesan es teh manis. Tetapi kali ini es teh manisnya spesial karena Warung Kopi menggunakan Teh Prendjak. Teh ini enak sekali dengan aroma campuran mawar dan pandan. Aromanya membuat tubuh menjadi relax dan yang pasti rasanya suegerrr.

Kesimpulannya Warung Kopi adalah tempat yang tepat untuk menikmati makanan khas Indonesia. Walaupun Warung Kopi bukan yang pertama dan yang pasti bukan “rajanya” masakan khas Indonesia, tetapi tempat ini patut dikunjungi. Silahkan dicoba nasi uduk komplit, otak-otak, dan es teh manisnya.


Chicago is a windy city, indeed. But, did I mention it is a very, very, very pretty city too? You know what’s more incredible about this city? Almost every building in Chi-town has a story.

I went to Chicago last Wednesday. It was a long drive from Maryland. I didn’t drive because I traveled with four boys, so they did the driving. I just slept most of the time. On our way there, farm, farm and farm in sight. Nothing too crazy. But once we entered the city, moreover, the Chicago loop, things got way more exciting.

I wouldn’t thought in a million years that I would step my feet in Chi-town. Crazy right? All I knew, when I was little, Michael Jordan played for Chicago Bulls. And, that’s that. But God had a different plan for me, I guess. I was blown away by the beauty of the city not so much with the wind. Who cares about the wind when the architecture in Chicago is so damn magnificent.

Taken by Danur

Taken by Danur

Taken by Danur

I can’t believe I’m leaving the country in less than a week. It is scary. I won’t say that I am Americanize and all that-I don’t even like bread, if you know what I mean-but going back home after four years living in the United States is overwhelming.

I did some packing this afternoon and I have to be honest that I was a little sad to leave. As much as I miss Indonesia, I like United States too. It is the place where I met lots and lots of interesting people. It is also the place where I could watch lots and lots of AWESOME TV series. Plus, it is where I realize geeky and nerdy boys are so much cuter than macho men. Love, love, love, Matthew Gray Gubler, Michael Cera, Paul Iacono, Jesse Eisenberg and Zachary Levi, just saying.

I just felt like I’m not ready to go home yet. I haven’t been to some cool parts of United States. I mean, how many streets in New York City that I haven’t been to? How many Broadway shows that I haven’t seen? How many landmarks that I haven’t taken pictures of? And of course, how many interesting and unique people I haven’t met and known?

Those things make me want to just cancel the flight…but, I want to go home too. Aaaarrrrgghhh! This feeling sucks!

What would I do without the Criminal Minds, the Hard Times of RJ Berger, etc. Well, I probably can watch them on cable. But still…it sucks to leave this place.

I guess I’m gonna miss this country so bad that I’ll save up some money to come back next year or something.

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Have you ever had a passion for something but you do not always have the chance or ability to fulfill that passion? Well, I have. I have a huge passion for seeing and learning more about Broadway musicals. I do not want to be an actress because I’m completely aware I do not have the talent, but seeing Broadway musicals has always been one of my loves. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial ability and the time to see as many shows as I wanted.

Finally, after a really long time, on a Friday night, I went to see Green Day’s American Idiot the musical at St. James Theatre.

The music for the play was by Green Day and the book was written by Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer. This Hair-meets-2010 play revolved around different paths taken by three best friends and how they dealt with their new lives. With less marijuana and more heroin involved in the play, the lost-for-direction theme seemed typical, but the energy was definitely not typical. This play was all about head banging from the start until the end.

Corresponding to its title, the play started of with “American Idiot” to set the mood. Seeing the casts ran from one corner to another, jumped from one property to another (from a couch to a bed), hung on a chain more than 20 feet above the ground, surely set the guests’ mood on fire. There was not much conversation but people got it. It was not much of a story either, but people kept their focus on the stage and they gave lots and lots of applause between songs.

Among unplanned pregnancy, drug addiction, inter-racial relationships and all other f-ed up stuff, my favorite was the story about a guy named Tunny (Stark Sands). All parts of the show about him were exceptionally energetic.  Played as a lieutenant in Generation Kill and as a Marine in Flags of Our Fathers, Sands played one hell of a naive army in American Idiot.

Ended the play with “Whatsername,” all the casts sang the song each one with a guitar.


For full cast visit St. James Theatre’s web site.

I have failed to update my blog in a timely manner. Supposedly, blogger should post at least one post each day. But unfortunately I don’t always have interesting stuff to post every day.

Let’s see… I just watched Iron Man 2 (IMAX) last night but then I don’t think this movie needs a review because who cares about the reviews. People would go see the movie anyway. I mean, it’s Robert Downey, Jr. a.k.a Iron Man, with some additions such as Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson. Who would not want to see them in action right? So, I kind of don’t want to talk about the movie. I REALLY like it though.

Now, I’m actually sitting at the information desk of my campus’ library – working. Se how boring my life is? What could be more boring than being a librarian when you’re 22? =) I don’t have problem reading books, I just have problem with helping people who do not have a clue how to do stuff in the library. They even ask me questions like, “How do I go upstairs?” I’ll be like… “Take the elevator.” They’ll be like… “Where is it?” And I’ll be like… “Right behind you.” ;p I guess people are just lazy to LOOK and FIND things. They feel like asking before looking is more convenient.

Btw, I have these itchy red bumps on my left arm. They have lasted for about a month now. I have never had anything like this in my life before. It’s kind of ironic that I finally get something like this at a country that supposedly has cleaner air, fresher water and healthier food. *sigh* Up until now, I don’t know the cause and I’ll find out on May 13th after my visit to a dermatologist.

OK. My shift at this desk is done. Someone is here to switch with me. Enough with these bull s*&#s about my life.