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I haven’t been very good to my blog lately. In fact, I have been neglecting my blog for quiet a while. Reasons? Well, let’s just say I’m busy writing for a magazine where I work at (no need to name names). =)

So, yeah… I have been loosing a lot of leisure time; lack of MTVs, lack of YouTubes, lack of TV series and lack of web-stalkings (you know when you spend hours in front of the computer reading about your obsessions, or even worse watching every single interview they did on YouTube or clicking on every single photo of them on Google image (YES… I am that pathetic when it comes to my dream boys).

At the moment, I’m kind of TOO obsessed with Chadd Smith a.k.a Madd Chadd. He’s the robotic guy in Step Up 3D. I mean… he’s kind of stuck in my head right now and I have been watching his videos doing robotic moves these past three days. How insane is that? I mean… I don’t even dance and what do I know about dance?

I guess… I think I know why I’m this pathetic. Well, the thing is I have always been someone who embrace pop culture or let’s say mainstream pop culture. I used to watch MTV like 5 hours a day or spend hours on YouTube just to watch people sing or dance, and of course, to watch movie trailers. So, once those things are taken away from my routine, I kind of feel miserable.

I miss my free time doing all those things. I miss it A LOT! I think my 15-year-old in me is crying for more entertainment =).

Now, after watching Step Up 3D, a bunch of friends and I are thinking about taking a dance class. Thank God, I’m not the only one. =D I guess it’s a normal thing to want something different in life. Dance is different for me and my friends, and it should be FUN.



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I have so many things in my mind right now. I have no idea what to say about this movie. Oh well, I guess “F@$#-ing awesome” are two perfect words to describe this movie.

I have never been this excited since JJ Abram’s Start Trek. Truthfully, I’m not a comic book nerd -not there’s anything wrong with that- and I have no idea what Kick-Ass was until last winter I believe, when I saw the trailer. I couldn’t wait since then.

Basically, Kick-Ass is about a kid named Dave Lizewski who dreams about being a super hero. Having himself mugged by gang kids many times, he wonders why can’t someone in this world stand up and defend the good guys from bad guys. So, he decided to buy a wet suit, make a mask and fight crimes.

He didn’t do very well in the beginning. I mean, he is just an invisible kid in high school who hangs out at a comic books store. He doesn’t have that many friends and no girl wants him (some romance in the movie but don’t feel like talking about it). He has no charm for girls, let alone super power. But, he got the guts and will. Who knows right? Those guts landed him on YouTube which later made him very famous.

In the movie, he was not bitten by a spider though, so he did not instantly become strong or know kung fu. Instead, his life was saved by Hit Girl and Big Daddy. I have to say this movie should be titled Hit Girl instead of Kick-Ass but Aaron Johnson’s cuteness had me on the defense that I think Kick-Ass as a title is OK.

Hit Girl, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, is basically the real super hero in this movie. Her way of fighting crimes always involve jabbing on the nose, stabbing, cutting and shooting (read: blood). All thanks to Big Daddy, her father played by Nicolas Cage, for not putting her in regular school but instead home schooling her by teaching her how to use deadly weapons. This movie is bloody, but in a good way. I guess what I meant was this movie is well made so the bloodiness does not look cheap at all. The director, Matthew Vaughn, also did a great job in moving this movie along so viewers are always on it and not get bored easily. The action parts are not all over the place. The movie is not a bombardment of kicking and punching but it actually tells a story.

And although Hit Girl seems to be the one with the real super hero ability, the movie stresses enough that Kick-Ass was the string of the movie. He was the one who brings all the characters together so they could finish their business.

I have to say my favorite character is Hit Girl. Why? Because she says all the dirty words and she gets things done. She’s bad-ass. I mean, which little girl would take three bullets from her daddy just to get ice cream afterwards?  I think Hit Girl character gets all the good lines, like “I’m just fuckin’ with you, daddy.”  Her potty mouth deserves an award.

However, Kick-Ass would not be forgotten because he is the cutest thing ever. Forget about Robert Pattinson! This lad, Aaron Johnson deserves 10 stars hotness rating. Who could resist those eyes and lips? Maybe 10 stars are not enough.

Red Mist has not received the spotlight this time. But, Cristopher Mintz-Plasse did a great job playing this character. He actually has more chances now to not be called McLovin all the time. He sets the character Red Mist as him. From now on, Red Mist is him and if replaced it would be odd. Red Mist is definitely not like Superman, a character that could be played by any guy with square face and dark hair color, because of Mintz-Plasse. I would call him the Red Mist guy from now on.

Bottom line… GO SEE THE MOVIE!

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Michael Cera, he was my primary reason why I was very excited to watch this movie. I know for a fact that this movie will be hilarious solely because of his characters – Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger. Youth in Revolt is about a boy who falls in love with a girl whom he met during a vacation. The boy, Nick Twisp, is a soft, mellow individual whose hero is Frank Sinatra. Where he lives, he is unrecognized by the females. In fact, sex, is just something that’s way beyond his imagination. To make story short, he is a virgin.

When he finally met a girl who has interest in him, Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday), Nick created an alter ego named Francois Dillinger. Being rebellious was the only way that Nick could think of to win Sheeni. So, Nick’s alter ego, Francois, was the one who always initiated bad ideas and gave Nick the courage to execute them.

Oh my God! I love Cera in both characters. When I look at Cera, I wouldn’t think of him as an outlaw – by any means. And why this movie cracked me up? Because we know that Cera (in real life) and Nick Twisp are not the kind of person who would pass the curfew let alone burn a car. As a result, the tougher Francois acted, the more comedy I got from the scene. For example, I laughed every time Francois took a drag off his cigarette.

Nick was a funny person too. Despite family problems, he is always ready to find humor in his situation. Just when his mom told him that no one wants to be with her because she already has a son and she has too many cellulite, Nick sarcastically cheered his mother up by making joke about cellulite fetishes.

That’s Cera’s character that I have always known. He expresses jokes without giving the joker face, and the seriousness actually adds more humor to the jokes.

All and all, this raging-hormones movie is worth the $10. Go watch it and laugh it out!

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If you are one of those people who believe that love is ALWAYS sweet or love at first sight is possible, well… this movie is for you. This movie gives you different love stories and you kind of have a big chance to match your situation with one of those stories. I mean, you know how it is, if you’re a girl, you tend to try fitting your situation with a love story line and to make yourself believe that you’re JUST like the character.

But, unfortunately, I think the movie is not that great. I still like it but it’s not one of the best romantic/drama movie I’ve ever seen. I think there are too many stories and they are not told equally. Some stories are longer than the others. For example, Orly Bloom’s love story is definitely too short. The Shia LaBeouf’s one is kind of confusing. I mean what is he? A ghost? or Was he just an image from the past? Maybe it’s my lack of understanding about abstract ideas in movies, but I think I’d still appreciate some more explanation.

Good thing about the movie?

I like Hayden Christensen, he looks like a real New Yorker… In fact, he looks like people that I see on the street every time I go to NYC.

I like the story about Bradley Cooper — I think it’s kind of realistic that people meet each other at a bar and then have “intimate” relationship… I thought “hey…many people do that all the time.” Plus, Cooper’s just too hot to be ignored.

I LOVE the story about the old couple. I LOVE how they argue all the time; how the wife always reminds the husband to lift his feet when he walks. They are the cutest couple in the movie!!!

And I think it’s good that this movie does not involve Times Square or Liberty Statue or the Rockefeller’s ice ring because those stuff would be a bummer. Well, it’s about New Yorkers and I suppose New Yorkers don’t go to where the tourists go. =)

Overall, this movie is good but not too great.

3 out of 5

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Directed by F. Gary Gray, Law Abiding Citizen is starred by Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. This drama/thriller movie is set in Philadelphia, in the present days.

The movie started with the murder of Clyde Shelton’s (Gerard Butler) family. As the prosecutor, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) had to make a deal with one of the murderers so that he would make a confession. Rice did it because he would rather have one punished than have both get away. However, Shelton did not see justice in that because only one of the murderers got the death penalty, while the other one got only a short period stay in prison. The thrill started there, when Shelton was attempting to teach the “real” justice to the law system.

There is a combination of chainsaw, bullets and explosives. The idea of good husband/father gone bad is not new in Hollywood, like recently, we have The Last House on the Left. However, Law Abiding Citizen has a greater scope because the vengeance was not targeted only to the murderers but to all people involved in the law system, in Philadelphia. One example, was the murder of the lawyer that was once defending the murderer who killed Shelton’s family.

As far as acting, there’s not much going on with Shelton’s character. He’s just a sad husband/father who did not know any better to overcome the grief. But, Butler did a great job in eliminating the accent, as we all know, he’s pretty good at that. Foxx, on the other hand, seemed to give more fatherly character in the movie. However, he probably seemed to be that way because he’s the good guy. When it comes to the conversation, it is great how the writer, Kurt Wimmer, inserted humor in some of the lines, like when Rice whispered to his working partner, Sarah Lowell (Leslie Bibb), not to f@#% up the project.

Short note on the setting and costumes, the winter setting was great because you can see all the authorities wearing long coats, and expensive-looking blazers for the ladies. I think those kinds of costume add more sense of authority and power.

Overall, the movie is worth to watch. The good thing about this movie is that the writer was able to make it a semi-complicated movie but still gave the viewers answers and did not leave the viewers wondering “what just happened?” Plus, if you like a little splash of blood or explosives here and there, this one offers enough of those. Not too much, not too little.

4 out of 5

I just didn’t expect that this movie is going to be so good.

I really enjoyed watching Zombieland.

First, Jesse Eisenberg is a HOT nerd. In real life, I probably won’t trust my life on him. But, in this movie his paranoia on, basically, everything on earth makes me think “owh wow! I just realize that clown is so scary…” What’s more crazy is the fact that it makes me think “what about the clown in so scary?” And, the answers are the smiling face and the big red nose.

Moving on… This movie offers guidelines on how to survive the zombies. I think that’s smart. Why? OK… how many zombie movies that you have watched actually give you tips how to survive? LOL. I know.. I know.. Zombies aren’t real. But, you can actually use those guidelines to get away from humans you don’t like. Like, you’ll need cardio to run away from your crazy ex-boyfriend! LOL.

Anyway, this movie is a must watch. Just don’t forget to remember all the rules. Or else, you won’t survive. JK

4 out of 5 stars

Inglourious Basterds is a perfect combination of dialogue and action. The movie might be a little long but because of the perfect timing of when the characters should speak and when they should shoot, the movie is not at all boring.

Of course, Brad Pitt is the ultimate basterd and I have to admit, I went to watch this movie because I wanted to see him doing the accent. He, in fact, perfectly executes that Tennessee accent. Every single word he said seemed funny to me. His I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude made his character even more interesting because you wouldn’t picture a leader with that kind of personality.

However, he’s not the only one that stole my attention; Christoph Waltz did a wonderful job playing Colonel Hans Landa a.k.a The Jew Hunter. He played it so well that I thought he’s a real Nazi. I like the way he approaches people; how he always starts with a conversation – politely and nicely. Then, after he gets what he wants, the real hunter in him comes out. It’s awesome how he was able to combine humor and authority in the character.

Overall, Quentin Tarantino is a genius, because this alternative history couldn’t be more entertaining. How many times do you see Hitler dies in a movie? Tarantino’s imagination and creativity are awesome. Also, I think it’s all about the perfect casts and this movie definitely has the perfect people to play the characters.