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Have you ever had a passion for something but you do not always have the chance or ability to fulfill that passion? Well, I have. I have a huge passion for seeing and learning more about Broadway musicals. I do not want to be an actress because I’m completely aware I do not have the talent, but seeing Broadway musicals has always been one of my loves. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial ability and the time to see as many shows as I wanted.

Finally, after a really long time, on a Friday night, I went to see Green Day’s American Idiot the musical at St. James Theatre.

The music for the play was by Green Day and the book was written by Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer. This Hair-meets-2010 play revolved around different paths taken by three best friends and how they dealt with their new lives. With less marijuana and more heroin involved in the play, the lost-for-direction theme seemed typical, but the energy was definitely not typical. This play was all about head banging from the start until the end.

Corresponding to its title, the play started of with “American Idiot” to set the mood. Seeing the casts ran from one corner to another, jumped from one property to another (from a couch to a bed), hung on a chain more than 20 feet above the ground, surely set the guests’ mood on fire. There was not much conversation but people got it. It was not much of a story either, but people kept their focus on the stage and they gave lots and lots of applause between songs.

Among unplanned pregnancy, drug addiction, inter-racial relationships and all other f-ed up stuff, my favorite was the story about a guy named Tunny (Stark Sands). All parts of the show about him were exceptionally energetic.  Played as a lieutenant in Generation Kill and as a Marine in Flags of Our Fathers, Sands played one hell of a naive army in American Idiot.

Ended the play with “Whatsername,” all the casts sang the song each one with a guitar.


For full cast visit St. James Theatre’s web site.


So, I have spent a lot of time reading some fashion blogs and I came across a lot of “New York” on many of the posts. Well, the countless mention of that culturally diverse, awesome, crowded, polluted, stylish, full-of-character city made me want to check out my friend’s band, Jirapah, on MySpace; not that I have forgotten about them.

According to MySpace, Jirapah is a Rock/Pop/Indie band. If I have to name a genre to describe this band, I have to say “I’m not sure.” All I know is, the guitar, bass and drum are not in sync, but for some reason they manage to create dreamy/odd songs; the odd part is not a bad thing though. When I listen to Jirapah, I get the Oh-I-Just-Want-to-Lie-Down-and-Stare-at-the-Ceiling type of feeling, which is perfect for a very hard working individual like moi.  I REALLY NEED a moment (actually a lot of moments) to chill and to daydream.

I may seem ordinary and normal…AND boring but my brain wonders about peculiar stuff sometimes. Like now! I just listened to Jirapah and all I could imagine about is the Weather Underground. LOL. *I Love Peace*

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On October 10, 2009, George Mason University‘ Filipino Cultural Association and Asian Pacific American Coalition held a music and dance event called Makinig at Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall. The event was a great success with talented artists participating at the event.

I’m glad that I got the chance to come and to see all the performers. This event definitely showed how proud they are to be Filipinos and showed how much they are willing to help the typhoon victims. I think it is a great way to help the typhoon victims by doing this kind of event because younger generations would be attracted to help.

So, my favorites are, Jay Legaspi, AJ Rafael, JR Aquino and Passion. However, I think all the performers did a great job last night. To be honest, I didn’t know all the performers before, but I’m glad that I came because now I know there are artists like Kat Badar and Melissa Polimar who sing soooo beautifully.

Well, all and all… kudos to all performers and the committee members! Thanks for making Makinig II happened.

Photo courtesy: Stephanie Juwita Liman

Photo courtesy: Stephanie Juwita Liman