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You might be familiar with “I LOVE NY” t-shirt. I mean, a gazillion people wear that shirt no matter where they actually come from. Even the New Yorkers said, “LOVE YOUR OWN CITY!”

The thing about New York City is it is a city with a soul. You just can’t help falling in love with “The Big Apple.” It seems like there’s a magnet that draws you to visit and to never leave the city. In fact, I have bunch of hearts for this city because lots of reasons:

1) You’ll always be RAD no matter which crowd you choose.

In New York City, you can be a socialite or an underground artist, yet you’d still own the awesomeness. Why? Because in New York you can be anything. You could definitely be a comic nerd and still be cool. Example? Paul Iacono! What’s not cool about him? He’s just so cute, I want to hug him with a passion. If you are not so into comics, you could be an amazing and stylish PR for a renowned fashion magazine with “no-bull” attitude just like Erin Kaplan.

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2. New York City has the best Japanese Restaurant

Looking for the hippest Japanese Restaurant? Well, Oh! Taisho is the place. You actually have to wait in line for more than 45 minutes on the weekend. That’s how awesome this place is!! Open the link and see what they have to offer.

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3. Broadway shows will make you smile and cry at the same time.

Who told you stage shows are boring? No show on Broadway will make you fall asleep.

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4. New York City’s street fashion will make you go “aAaAaawWwWww…”

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New York… I’ll be right back! I promise.


Chicago is a windy city, indeed. But, did I mention it is a very, very, very pretty city too? You know what’s more incredible about this city? Almost every building in Chi-town has a story.

I went to Chicago last Wednesday. It was a long drive from Maryland. I didn’t drive because I traveled with four boys, so they did the driving. I just slept most of the time. On our way there, farm, farm and farm in sight. Nothing too crazy. But once we entered the city, moreover, the Chicago loop, things got way more exciting.

I wouldn’t thought in a million years that I would step my feet in Chi-town. Crazy right? All I knew, when I was little, Michael Jordan played for Chicago Bulls. And, that’s that. But God had a different plan for me, I guess. I was blown away by the beauty of the city not so much with the wind. Who cares about the wind when the architecture in Chicago is so damn magnificent.

Taken by Danur

Taken by Danur

Taken by Danur

I have always been a necklace-admirer. I have a small but pretty good necklace collection right now. Many of them used to belong to my mother and were handed down to me. I have to say my taste in necklace was influenced by my mother’s. She likes big necklaces with big stones or silver and bronze metals. She likes her necklaces to have beads that are un-identical because each of them were carved by hands. She buys her necklaces from odd places like a traditional market in Tanzania or a village in Borneo; she definitely does not go to Frank & Co. (she goes there only when she needs bling bling for a wedding that she doesn’t really want to attend but she just have to).

Because of those reasons above, I like necklaces that she likes too. Now, almost all my necklaces were made of non-gold material and no diamonds necessary.

Now, thanks to Style Bubble for giving me the knowledge about this limited edition jewelry by Muqliza Imroni, I have added a new necklace to my small collection. When I saw Style Bubble’s blog post about Sou Brette, which is a jewelry line established in 2005, I know I’m kind of behind ;), I immediately called my mom back in Indonesia and asked her to send me one. Of course, my mom said, “OK,” because I know she likes it too.

This morning the necklace arrived… take a look.

Sou Brette by Muqliza Imroni

When I was working at the library this afternoon, my buddy Niken from Houston, Texas, texted me and said, “G pngn shopping deh. Pngn ganti style gt lochhh.” (Note: that sentence was taken verbatim from the text. And yes, she used triple “h.”) Btw, the sentence means, “I want to burn my closet down because I hate my clothes.” *wink*

So, I asked her, “What’s wrong with your clothes?” Because honestly she dresses awesomely and almost always dress to “shut it down” <– inspired by Rachel Zoe. I mean really, she’s fashion conscious enough to not wear tennis shoes to hang out, or to not wear big (fake) gold earrings that has her name carved on it *wink* OR to not exploit the use of sweatpants and pajamas. Plus, I’m not really the person to ask about fashion because my closet looks more like a man’s locker than Carrie Bradshaw‘s walking closet.

However, I think this could be a good way to kill time until my shift is over. So, I took Niken’s statement as a 30-minute project and here you go Niken:

  • From what I’m seeing on, spring is all about flowers and COLOURS <– imagine a British male model pronouncing that word. Aaarrrggh, so sexy! Anyways, you might want to add some colours to your collection. I think, for you, you could add more colours on your accessories or shoes. Have you ever seen the flowery lace-up sandals at Urban Outfitters? Get that!! Or, you could get the American Apparel’s Amanda shoes. Pick the ones with brighter colour though. I’m getting a pair too!
  • Harem pants are everywhere! AND, denim too! So, you might want to buy a pair of Harem pants in gray, medium denim, or military colour.
  • Patterns!!! Have you ever wished that you have unlimited $$$$$$$ to buy stuff with famous names on the tags? <– I meant designers stuff. Well, you don’t have to spend $$$$$$$$$$ on pattern-play dresses or bottoms this time. You could wear our lovely batik or make something out of kain tenun Toraja. From what I’m seeing the colourful kain tenun Toraja is similar to the pattern used on Trussardi 1911 suede beaded bag.

NOTE: But, when you have the money (when I have the money) definitely get this bag!!!

Trussardi (click pic for image source)

My shift is over… to be continued?? Maybe??

So, I have spent a lot of time reading some fashion blogs and I came across a lot of “New York” on many of the posts. Well, the countless mention of that culturally diverse, awesome, crowded, polluted, stylish, full-of-character city made me want to check out my friend’s band, Jirapah, on MySpace; not that I have forgotten about them.

According to MySpace, Jirapah is a Rock/Pop/Indie band. If I have to name a genre to describe this band, I have to say “I’m not sure.” All I know is, the guitar, bass and drum are not in sync, but for some reason they manage to create dreamy/odd songs; the odd part is not a bad thing though. When I listen to Jirapah, I get the Oh-I-Just-Want-to-Lie-Down-and-Stare-at-the-Ceiling type of feeling, which is perfect for a very hard working individual like moi.  I REALLY NEED a moment (actually a lot of moments) to chill and to daydream.

I may seem ordinary and normal…AND boring but my brain wonders about peculiar stuff sometimes. Like now! I just listened to Jirapah and all I could imagine about is the Weather Underground. LOL. *I Love Peace*

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When you have to read hundreds of letters and make a report… you tend to experience what most people called “Sleepiness” or worse, “Headache.” So, when those two things happen to me… I open this blog

my mid-day obsession...

Two weeks ago, I started my internship at AARP the Magazine, Washington D.C. Because I live in Baltimore, the commute is quite a challenge, especially for my boyfriend who drives the car.

We chose to commute by car because the expense would be doubled if we decided to take the train.
Parking at Penn Station : $12
Amtrak to Union Station DC : $14
Metro to Gallery Place : $1.65 (one way)
Well, you get the idea. It’s complicated and expensive.

Anyways, we decided to take the car to get inside Washington, D.C. Usually, my boyfriend drops me off at Farraguth North or Cleveland Metro station. And there, my enjoyable ride begins.

I love riding the Metro. Despite the fact that there’s a chance for me to be trapped inside it with some bad people (like the ones you see in the movies), I love taking the Metro on weekdays in the morning. You know what’s my favorite thing to do when I’m in it?

I like playing guesses. Well, when you’re taking the Metro in the morning, you usually see different kinds of people. So, I like to play guesses in my mind, like, guessing what their jobs are, whom are they going to meet, or even how are they feeling at the moment.

I saw a girl the other day, in the Metro. She’s probably about 19 or 20 years old. She wore black leggings, medium length skirt, and a matching blazer. She accessorized her all-black-look with a maroon scarf. I could tell from her face that she’s very excited. So, I made a guess:

She’s a new intern at one of the government offices and that day, was her first day.

I also saw a young male, who looked very anxious. He wore a pair of skinny pants, a plaid shirt, a grey pea coat and a pair of casual leather shoes. He was holding a folder and he kept reading what’s inside the folder. I paid attention to him five seconds too long. So, he looked back at me and gave me a smile. So, I made a guess:

He’s a very kind teenager-ish male who’s going to a job interview. And, he couldn’t wait to get this part-time job because he would need the money to spoil his girlfriend (once he has one). My guess, he’s the kind of person who’d do anything for the one he loves.

Typically, one trip allows me to guess two persons because the rest of my time, I use it to wonder about what‘s waiting for me at the office.

After a while, two weeks, I feel like I know the people who travel together with me. I’d have a short conversation with them. Nothing serious, just weather or how sleepy we are. One time, a guy offered me his newspaper because he’s done reading it. I mean, that’s random but kind.

When you ride the Metro, you basically share a lot of things with others in it. You share the space, sits, oxygen, and even the worries. Like, when the train is delayed, I’m pretty sure almost everyone in that train is worry about getting late, whether it’s for a meeting, a breakfast or just simply getting to work.

No, they’re not my friends. I don’t even know their names. But, yes, they’re my fellow commuters, the ones whom I share the moment with in the train. So, I’d like to say. Good bye and enjoy the rest of your day.

Charlyne yi

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” I suppose I’m creative since I create things.” – Charlyne Yi

Started her stand up career through an audition at the Improv, near her house, Yi believes that EVERYONE should do what they want to do and do it because YOU like it.

According to Yi, her success doesn’t happen merely because her hard works, but it’s also about TRUST from people around her. Frank, the manager of the Improv, where she auditioned, gave her a second chance after the first “horrible” audition — as she claimed it to be.

“If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure where I would be. Because of my humor, not being of ‘traditional stand up comedy’, it was hard for me to get booked places. Anyone whoever booked me changed my life,” Yi said.

In fact, Matt Besser of of Upright Citizens Brigade theater allowed her to put her own show at his theater. That opportunity gave Yi the chance to be seen by people from the [entertainment] industry. From then on, Yi gets more opportunities of getting a manager, writing jobs and MORE auditions.

When it comes to her works, Yi takes almost everything GOOD for inspiration. “…sometimes the real world, events that happen to people that i see, or experience, or things that happen to me. Sometimes dreams. Sometimes purely imagination,” Yi said.

Just like she said about how hard it is to book a place because she is different. It’s kind of true, not only to the entertainment industry, but also to different individuals who have different tastes. Yi’s humor is not for everyone. But Yi knows that she loves what she does so she does it… and that is why we love her.

“I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t think I’m trying to be funny. Sometimes i just want to do something sincere, or sometimes I hope that they think something is funny, but am unsure because it’s maybe only funny to me,” Yi said. “I am not sure how to describe it [her sense of humor]. but, I am definitely not trying to be different.”

Not only comedy, she does music too. She has 10 bands. “No joke,” Yi said. And collaborating with people is one of the things that she likes. Learned how to play guitar from her friend, Raymond, Yi’s favorite instruments are guitar and harp. The portability of a guitar is what makes her like it and yes, she writes songs with the help of a guitar because that’s the easiest way for her. As for harp, Yi likes it because “it seems fancy and has a peaceful sound,” Yi said.

This vegetarian, who loves Mexican food, thinks that all of the three movies she’s been in are memorable. Her first movie experience, Knocked Up was “terrifying and amazing.” Even though we all know that she is an AWESOME performer, the Biz Markie fan, Yi, is not so confident when it comes to All About Steve, “I am embarrassed of that footage of me. I am horrible in that brief segment.”

As for her last movie, Paper Heart, Yi claimed that it’s a true adventure. “Paper Heart was a movie i was so involved in. So, of course, i will remember that experience and find it memorable. And also we met so many great people along the way of making the actual documentary portion.”

Looking for the meaning of love in the movie, Paper Heart, Yi doesn’t explain the definition that she has found (or maybe, she hasn’t found it) in the interview. However, Yi sure knows what she’s looking for in a guy.

“[my ideal guys] has the same sense of humor as me, is creative, says what he means, good at communicating, likes me as much as i like him, brave, intelligent, considerate, isn’t self destructive, humble, teaches me things, grows with me, strong-willed,” Yi said.

After five years of struggle, she finally get paid for what she loves doing. She is not old from what we can see, but she doesn’t want to mention her REAL age because age is just a number to her.

“I feel like people grow according to how they hold themselves and what they’ve learned as a human being,” Yi said. “The skin on the outside doesn’t always match up.”

Having to watched Capitalism: A Love Story, she wants to change the world because that’s what documentaries do to her — make her want to do something about the world. But, we all know for sure, there are many more creative things coming from her.

“My family who supported my decision to pursue what i do, the people who show up to my shows. Everybody is a key to where i am now. Wherever that is.” – Charlyne Yi

Check out Yi’s MySpace

I know that she probably gets this comment a lot but yeah, Yi doesn’t need to impress people with looks even after she becomes a celebrity now.

OK, this girl is definitely talented. She knows how to present comedy without exploiting race or sex jokes. She’s funny in her own way. What amazes me is the fact that she plays different instruments and creates funny songs that I, a non-creative-at-all person, would never thought about.

To me, her jokes can only be delivered by her or it won’t be funny. However, from yesterday’s show at Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse, I enjoyed everything she did from the comedy to the serious songs she wrote. My favorite… Magic Perfume. I just think that the song is so sweet. Well, she probably has done yesterday’s jokes before from previous shows but I bet it would still be funny because of her. I actually have seen the ice skating video on her MySpace, but it was still funny when she presented that video to the audience yesterday.

Well, I notice, and you probably notice too, that her talents will produce more awesome stuff in the future. Kudos!