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I can’t believe I’m leaving the country in less than a week. It is scary. I won’t say that I am Americanize and all that-I don’t even like bread, if you know what I mean-but going back home after four years living in the United States is overwhelming.

I did some packing this afternoon and I have to be honest that I was a little sad to leave. As much as I miss Indonesia, I like United States too. It is the place where I met lots and lots of interesting people. It is also the place where I could watch lots and lots of AWESOME TV series. Plus, it is where I realize geeky and nerdy boys are so much cuter than macho men. Love, love, love, Matthew Gray Gubler, Michael Cera, Paul Iacono, Jesse Eisenberg and Zachary Levi, just saying.

I just felt like I’m not ready to go home yet. I haven’t been to some cool parts of United States. I mean, how many streets in New York City that I haven’t been to? How many Broadway shows that I haven’t seen? How many landmarks that I haven’t taken pictures of? And of course, how many interesting and unique people I haven’t met and known?

Those things make me want to just cancel the flight…but, I want to go home too. Aaaarrrrgghhh! This feeling sucks!

What would I do without the Criminal Minds, the Hard Times of RJ Berger, etc. Well, I probably can watch them on cable. But still…it sucks to leave this place.

I guess I’m gonna miss this country so bad that I’ll save up some money to come back next year or something.