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You might be familiar with “I LOVE NY” t-shirt. I mean, a gazillion people wear that shirt no matter where they actually come from. Even the New Yorkers said, “LOVE YOUR OWN CITY!”

The thing about New York City is it is a city with a soul. You just can’t help falling in love with “The Big Apple.” It seems like there’s a magnet that draws you to visit and to never leave the city. In fact, I have bunch of hearts for this city because lots of reasons:

1) You’ll always be RAD no matter which crowd you choose.

In New York City, you can be a socialite or an underground artist, yet you’d still own the awesomeness. Why? Because in New York you can be anything. You could definitely be a comic nerd and still be cool. Example? Paul Iacono! What’s not cool about him? He’s just so cute, I want to hug him with a passion. If you are not so into comics, you could be an amazing and stylish PR for a renowned fashion magazine with “no-bull” attitude just like Erin Kaplan.

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2. New York City has the best Japanese Restaurant

Looking for the hippest Japanese Restaurant? Well, Oh! Taisho is the place. You actually have to wait in line for more than 45 minutes on the weekend. That’s how awesome this place is!! Open the link and see what they have to offer.

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3. Broadway shows will make you smile and cry at the same time.

Who told you stage shows are boring? No show on Broadway will make you fall asleep.

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4. New York City’s street fashion will make you go “aAaAaawWwWww…”

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New York… I’ll be right back! I promise.


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If you are one of those people who believe that love is ALWAYS sweet or love at first sight is possible, well… this movie is for you. This movie gives you different love stories and you kind of have a big chance to match your situation with one of those stories. I mean, you know how it is, if you’re a girl, you tend to try fitting your situation with a love story line and to make yourself believe that you’re JUST like the character.

But, unfortunately, I think the movie is not that great. I still like it but it’s not one of the best romantic/drama movie I’ve ever seen. I think there are too many stories and they are not told equally. Some stories are longer than the others. For example, Orly Bloom’s love story is definitely too short. The Shia LaBeouf’s one is kind of confusing. I mean what is he? A ghost? or Was he just an image from the past? Maybe it’s my lack of understanding about abstract ideas in movies, but I think I’d still appreciate some more explanation.

Good thing about the movie?

I like Hayden Christensen, he looks like a real New Yorker… In fact, he looks like people that I see on the street every time I go to NYC.

I like the story about Bradley Cooper — I think it’s kind of realistic that people meet each other at a bar and then have “intimate” relationship… I thought “hey…many people do that all the time.” Plus, Cooper’s just too hot to be ignored.

I LOVE the story about the old couple. I LOVE how they argue all the time; how the wife always reminds the husband to lift his feet when he walks. They are the cutest couple in the movie!!!

And I think it’s good that this movie does not involve Times Square or Liberty Statue or the Rockefeller’s ice ring because those stuff would be a bummer. Well, it’s about New Yorkers and I suppose New Yorkers don’t go to where the tourists go. =)

Overall, this movie is good but not too great.

3 out of 5

Yes, New York Times had a review on a dance show by Sardono Dance Theatre. I’m happy with the fact that the dance was recognized by the Times. Usually, Indonesia is in the news only when there’s a disaster or a corruption case. =p

Sardono Dance Theatre performed “Diponegoro” at Asia Society. According to Times, the overall performance was static and dim. Also, the performance was considered to be kind of unclear because some of the things that needed to be answered were left to the viewers with no answer.

I think that Indonesian culture is not very popular in the United States. With its richness and uniqueness, Indonesian culture has to be adapted based on the viewers. I believe if Indonesia wants to succeed in promoting its traditional art, the performers and artists have to be able to get it clearly. For example, I will not enjoy a Chinese performance if I will not be able to understand it. So, Indonesian artists should not assume that people know about what they’re doing.

So, for my second story, I will ask my next interviewee and my two previous interviewees — they are all members of Indonesian Cultural Club — on how they usually explain to non-Americans about their dances. Is there any specific knowledge that they usually give to the viewers or if they only dance for the sake of the performance without thinking too much on people’s knowledge about the dance.

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So, I visited Auguste today for a little bit. I took some pictures of his sketches and his workplace. It is interesting how he is able to create a small workplace inside his one bedroom apartment. When I got there he showed me around and we talked a little bit about his team.

He told me that he works with four sewers, one pattern-maker and one intern. Usually, he and his intern make patterns every Tuesday and Friday. One of his sewer works inside his apartment on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. His pattern-maker and his three other sewers work at a different place. He mentioned that his specialty is making pattern for jackets, while his pattern-maker’s specialty is making pattern for dresses.

Unfortunately, no one is coming today. They all have a day-off. So, I couldn’t take pictures of them working. He said he will send me some pictures of him fitting his models just in case I want some extra pictures.

Auguste is now working on his spring collection. He will have another fashion show in September. However, I can only talk about his fall collection because he doesn’t want people to know about the spring collection yet. I, however, got the chance to look at one of the spring design.

It was a short meeting because he has to go some places else. He told me that further questions can be asked on the phone or through e-mail.

Now, I’m going to check out some stores. Have a good weekend.

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