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I haven’t been very good to my blog lately. In fact, I have been neglecting my blog for quiet a while. Reasons? Well, let’s just say I’m busy writing for a magazine where I work at (no need to name names). =)

So, yeah… I have been loosing a lot of leisure time; lack of MTVs, lack of YouTubes, lack of TV series and lack of web-stalkings (you know when you spend hours in front of the computer reading about your obsessions, or even worse watching every single interview they did on YouTube or clicking on every single photo of them on Google image (YES… I am that pathetic when it comes to my dream boys).

At the moment, I’m kind of TOO obsessed with Chadd Smith a.k.a Madd Chadd. He’s the robotic guy in Step Up 3D. I mean… he’s kind of stuck in my head right now and I have been watching his videos doing robotic moves these past three days. How insane is that? I mean… I don’t even dance and what do I know about dance?

I guess… I think I know why I’m this pathetic. Well, the thing is I have always been someone who embrace pop culture or let’s say mainstream pop culture. I used to watch MTV like 5 hours a day or spend hours on YouTube just to watch people sing or dance, and of course, to watch movie trailers. So, once those things are taken away from my routine, I kind of feel miserable.

I miss my free time doing all those things. I miss it A LOT! I think my 15-year-old in me is crying for more entertainment =).

Now, after watching Step Up 3D, a bunch of friends and I are thinking about taking a dance class. Thank God, I’m not the only one. =D I guess it’s a normal thing to want something different in life. Dance is different for me and my friends, and it should be FUN.