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We all know about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” What you probably have no clue about is “It’s always cloudy in Jakarta, Indonesia, due to highly polluted air.” And, because Indonesia is a tropical country, it’s summer all year here in Jakarta, with ridiculous humidity. As a result, when it comes to fashion trends, Summer/Spring trends are the most significant and practical trend for us, Indonesians. This Sunday morning, I browsed on the internet, just clicking on different fashion blogs and I spent quite a while on And, I found a line up of fashionable STRIPES on the site which can be relevant to the Jakarta dwellers all year round. In my opinion, stripes are bold enough but it’s still friendly for the eyes. Nothing too crazy.

taken from

taken from

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I made a trip to National Aquarium in Baltimore with a few friends yesterday. It was quiet a “fishy” day. Because, we ate at Bertha’s Mussels afterward and each of us left with a stomach full of sea creatures – cooked of course! I took some pictures with my lame camera (planning to get a good one soon though). And this morning when I woke up, I made these…

Spring 2010 Trend from - Louise Gray

Spring 2010 Trend from - Alexander McQueen

Spring 2010 Trend from - Fendi

Runway photos were taken from Others were taken by moi.