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After a month of persuasion by my father, I finally picked up Iron #7, Driver #1 and Wood #3 this morning. I decided to learn how to play golf because I think it would be a good way to spend more time with my father.

My father and I went to Halim driving range at 6:30 a.m. for a quick 200 hits. I did not know that 200 hits could make my body DAMN SORE right now. But it was fun! The professional coach was out on a tournament so for this morning, a caddie, Mas Arifin, taught me how to hit the balls.

From today’s practice, I learned that playing golf is about BREAKING THE BAD HABITS. Why?

Well, as a novice, I tend to bend my left arm when hitting the ball. I don’t mean to bend my left arm, but I just do all the time. That’s my bad habit. Different people have different bad habits. Maybe, some people are impatient when hitting the ball, etc.

But if we take this point from golf lesson to our daily life, we can see how we have to make ourselves aware that we are about to do our bad habits. We have to constantly remind ourselves not to do those habits. For how long? Until those bad habits are gone and without even telling yourself to avoid those habits, you just automatically drop them out of your life.

First lesson learned.